Gemstones to Last a Lifetime

Engagement rings are meant to be forever. The style and design should be the perfect mix of you and something timeless. But it is not only the design that needs to stand the test of time, your choice of gemstone is the most important element that needs to last the long haul, withstanding all the everyday knocks and bumps that comes its way. 
There is no doubt that it is easy to fall in love with a beautiful coloured gemstone but if its hardness is not ideal for longevity, it is likely you may run into problems along the way, not only heartbreaking and frustrating but also a costly choice in the long run. This is why it is always recommended to avoid gemstones with a low grade on the Moh’s Hardness Scale

What gems are an ideal choice for an engagement ring?

Diamonds are unrivalled in terms of hardness and therefore the number one choice of centre stone for engagement rings. It goes without saying then that coloured diamonds are also wonderful options. But white and coloured diamonds can be rather costly, particularly if you are looking at the larger scale or one of the beautiful rare coloured varieties such as Pink diamonds. If you love colour then the next ideal choices for engagement rings are Sapphires. Sapphires have a hardness of 9 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale and come in an array of colours. Rubies are also a great choice. If you love green then the gemstone that may first come to mind is an Emerald. Emeralds even though they have an ideal hardness, just under that of a Sapphire, they are known to chip easily. It is therefore important to make sure you purchase your Emerald through a reputable dealer / jeweller who can advise you which stone is suitable for an engagement ring. If you do not have your heart set on an Emerald then you may want to consider a Green Sapphire or a Peridot.
Other gems that may be options are semi-precious stones such as rubellite, spinel and garnet. These are a colourful and affordable option. Like an Emerald, these stones do not have the hardness of a diamond or sapphire so it is important to seek advice from your jeweller if the stone is suitable for an engagement ring. 
Once you have made the practical decision of which gemstone is the most suitable choice for you, you then have the hard / or fun decision of which colour and shaped stone is right for you!

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