Hand Engraved Engagement Rings

by Sara Gibson
April 18, 2018 / Engagement Rings

Hand engraved rings evoke nostalgia from a time once past. Using an ancient technique, often passed down from generation to generation, the tradition of hand engraving rings is very much alive and popular today. This addition to an engagement or wedding ring creates a unique and personal touch.

Hand engraving dates back centuries, it is a technique where metal is carved and removed from the surface using a highly polished steel blade called a graver. Today, there are still a few true artisans who specialise in this craft. Many people try and achieve the same look with laser or computer-aided design and although striking results can be achieved, there is nothing quite like a piece that has been engraved by hand. A hand engraved pattern will also last a lifetime.

If you have your heart set on a vintage-inspired engagement ring, including hand engraving into your design is a wonderful way to achieve this. Traditionally, vintage engagement rings often featured hand engraved designs including scrolls, floral motifs or family crests. It takes an experienced hand engraver with years of practice to be able to create or replicate vintage patterns.

Adding engraving to your engagement ring allows you to merge your personal style with a vintage flair. To create an authentically vintage styled ring, you may wish to consider incorporating other elements that are popular in vintage designs such as mill grain or filigree patterns. Even certain shaped diamonds such as an Asscher, emerald or rose cut can give your design unmistakeable old-world charm.

We love designs that incorporate hand engraved patterns, they bring softness and detail to a design that reflects the skill of the engraver. Here are some of our favourites:

The ‘Bliss’


The ‘Baroque’


The ‘Bluebell Engraved’


The ‘Star Gazer’

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