How to choose a beautiful bold engagement ring to fit your budget!

Do you prefer big dazzling jewels compared to fine dainty pieces? Are you on the hunt for an engagement ring, but feel as though you are stuck in the predicament of selecting a ring that fits your style as well as your budget? Understandably, you are probably worried that your budget will not stretch to allow for the impressive diamond you maybe dreaming of. If you have not already started looking at gemstones, it may just be the time to open the doors to the exciting world of coloured gemstones! With so many gemstones to choose from this could be your answer to finding a spectacular centre stone for a much more affordable price. 

Sapphires in particular are a wonderful alternative to diamonds. They have a hardness rating of 9 on the moh’s hardness scale making them ideal for engagement rings. What many may not realise though, is that sapphires come in a variety of colours. Arguably the most famous sapphire engagement ring is of course Princess Diana’s Royal Blue Ceylon engagement ring that most recently has adorned Kate Middleton’s hand. The Ceylon Sapphire, the most sought after variety of Sapphire, is just one shade of the wide range of blues that you will find.  Sapphires also come in a stunning range of colours; from vibrant pinks to soft canary yellows even purple, peach, orange and green. But if you still have your heart set on the look of a diamond, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that it is also possible to source colourless sapphires. Another little known fact is that, technically, a ruby is a red sapphire. 
Other gemstones you may wish to consider for your centre stone are emeralds, aquamarines or even coloured diamonds, such as a beautiful champagne or cognacs. As you can see, the list is endless. Adding coloured gemstones can bring life to a design and will absolutely make your design a stand out creation!


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