How to Choose an Affordable Engagement Ring?

by Lars Larsen
April 12, 2014 / Engagement Rings,Jewellery Buying Guide

When it comes to the price of engagement rings and how much you should spend there is a lot of misleading advice that can, not surprisingly, scare anyone who is considering taking this step in their relationship.
The focus of engagement rings should not be how much you spend but what they represent. An engagement ring does not have to eat into your life savings, equal a deposit for a house or cost more than a new car. There are many options out there and custom making an engagement ring can also be an affordable way to create a beautiful, unique design suitable for your budget.
When looking at designs the first thing we suggest is to decide on a budget and stick to it. Your budget should be realistic to you. There is no need to land yourself in a mountain of unnecessary debt.  Once you have finalised your budget you will find it much easier to narrow down your options and avoid any temptation of breaking the bank. 
Advice on Choosing a Diamond to Suit Your Budget:
At Larsen Jewellery we specialise in finding the best diamond for your budget. If you are after a larger stone you may want to consider other alternatives to the highly sought after Round Brilliant cut diamonds. Alternatives diamond cuts include: Princess, Oval, Cushion and many other ‘fancy’ shape diamonds that will allow you to afford a larger stone for the same price. 
Consider Coloured Gemstones:
Diamonds are not the only option for your centre stone. Coloured gemstones are a wonderful option and are only becoming more and more popular, especially with Sapphires rising rapidly amongst celebrities. Choosing a coloured gemstone will also mean that you will be able to afford a much larger stone than an equivalent white diamond. Sapphires are a great choice and are available in wide variety of colours.
Choose a White Sapphire:
Many do not realise that it is possible to get sapphires that are colourless. These create a very similar look to a diamond for a considerably cheaper price tag. 
What Metal to Choose:
White metals are the most popular choice these days. Platinum is considerably more expensive than white gold. This does not mean that white gold is an inferior option. The one thing to keep in mind is that white gold, unlike platinum, needs to be rhodium plated to keep its white colour. Depending on the wear of your ring this is a service that is required every 12 – 18 months. At Larsen Jewellery we offer a free annual polish and plate for the lifetime of your ring. 
Yellow and Rose gold are other affordable options for your engagement ring. 
Add Small Diamonds:
If you have your heart set on a larger diamond but your budget is not going to stretch that far, then you may consider adding smaller diamonds into your design to enhance your central diamond and create that extra sparkle. A good option is creating a halo of diamonds to encircle your centre stone or add side diamonds.
You may also consider creating an illusion with small diamonds by setting small diamonds close together to create the appearance of a larger diamond.
Other Design Details:
Including mill-grain, engraving or filigree into your design are other ways to create a more intricate and ornate design that will enhance your diamond. Also, choosing a finer band will make your diamond appear larger than it actually is.
Engagement Ring without a Centre Stone:
There is no rulebook saying that an engagement ring must have a centre diamond. Choosing to have an engagement ring without a centre diamond will instantly open up many design options. Your imagination will be your only limitation!
All in all there are many ways that you can design a beautiful engagement ring to fit your budget. The number one rule is to not let the outrageous prices of engagement rings in Hollywood scare you away from taking that step into your local jeweller!

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