How to Create a Beautiful Engagement Ring with Any Budget

by Lars Larsen
December 20, 2014 / Engagement Rings,Jewellery Buying Guide

Have you been inspired to create a ring similar to one you’ve been admiring on the hand of a celebrity? Chances are it features an enormous diamond that most likely comes with an equally inflated price tag. The more sparkle the higher the price is the general rule. If you love wondering how you can create a beautiful sparkling engagement ring to fit your budget we have put together a list of clever ways to create the illusion of a larger diamond. Here are a few tips on how you can achieve that dreamy diamond look:
Add a Halo
Adding a Halo can extend the amount of sparkle by around 2 to 2.5mm depending on the size of your diamonds. A halo, just as the name suggests, is a group of diamonds or coloured gemstones that are set encircling your centre stone. White diamonds set into a halo will enhance your central diamond or alternatively you may wish to introduce some colour into your design by adding your favourite coloured gemstone.
Narrow the Shank
A fairly simple and cost effective way of creating the illusion of a larger diamond is by narrowing the shank. This is perfect for designs that have a wide shank. A little thinning out can make the overall design appear less heavy and bring the attention to the diamond. Before deciding this is the best option for you, have your jeweller take a look and advise you if it is a possibility.
Add Side-Stones
You may already have some diamonds sitting at home in a pair of studs or an old ring that you no longer wear that could be incorporated into your design. A matching pair of diamonds may be the perfect way to create a stunning three-stone ring or a group of small diamonds set into the shoulders could enhance your centre stone perfectly.
Choose Your Centre Stone Carefully!
Round Brilliant Cut diamonds are famous for their intense brilliance, however, because of their popularity they are priced at a premium. Choosing an alternative shape for your central diamond is one way of getting more bling for your money. Oval, Marquise and Pear shaped diamonds are great options when wanting a bigger stone within your budget.
Be Wise with Your Metal Choice
If you want to do everything you can to make your centre stone look bigger then it is all about making choices that enhance your stone not compete with it. One of the biggest factors is the colour of metal you choose. White metals, either platinum or white gold, will act like a mirror and reflect your diamond, enhancing it rather than contrasting with it. 

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