How to Create a Unique Engagement Ring Using a Round Brilliant Diamond

August 31, 2014 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

Round Brilliant Cut diamonds are by far the most popular choice for engagement rings. This has not always been the case, however, and once upon a time Princess Cut diamonds were the leading choice.
The Round Brilliant Cut was first designed in 1919 and has since surged in popularity. It is estimated that 75% of diamonds sold today are Round Brilliant Cuts. What makes them so desirable? Their undeniable brilliance and fire created by the 57 facets. The Round Brilliant Cut has become a timeless classic that lends itself perfectly to all styles of design.
With so many Round Brilliant Cut engagement rings out there, you are forgiven for wondering how you can possibly create a unique version.However, like any custom made piece, the only limitation is your own imagination. 
Here are our top tips on how to create a unique Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring:
1. Firstly: remember each diamond is completely unique. So no matter what your final design choice is, your ring will never match any another exactly.
2. Add Side Diamonds: Including additional diamonds into your design is a great way to make sure that your central diamond stands out.  These can be set around the Round Brilliant Cut creating a Halo, set onto the shoulders or even incorporated into an engraved pattern. Small Round Brilliant Cut diamonds are the obvious choice, but not the only option; you may consider contrasting shapes such as Princess Cuts or Baguettes.
3. Alternative Metal Choices: White gold is the most popular choice for diamond engagement rings. This is because white metals will set off your diamond giving it the ultimate sparkle. This is not to say that your diamond won’t sparkle in any other colour! Perhaps consider the more traditional choices of Yellow or Rose Gold or for something completely unique consider the beautiful wood-grained effect of Mokume Gane.
4. Add a Touch of Colour: Coloured gemstones and diamonds are the perfect way to add a splash of brightness and life to your ring. Your choices are endless! From dramatic midnight blue Sapphires, to black Diamonds, to soft canary yellows, to feminine pinks and everything in between. 
5. Texture: When you think of engagement rings it’s highly likely that you think of a big, dazzling diamond set into a highly polished band! A high polish is not for everybody and the numerous alternatives available are a great way to create a unique engagement ring. A worn look can be created with a hammered texture.  A detailed design can be engraved into your ring to create dramatic texture. Or for something a little more subtle choose a matte finish or brushed textured look. If this sounds appealing to you ask your jeweller to show you a few samples. 
Remember; the most important thing is that you love your engagement ring! If you are after a unique and original piece it is important to personalise elements of the design in order that your ring stands out in the crowd. Your engagement ring has to last a lifetime and should therefore combine a perfect balance of your individuality and elements that are timeless in style.

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