How to Find a Dream Engagement Ring

You’ve already planned the perfect proposal and now you’re ready to get down on one knee and pop the question. Congratulations! Now all you need is an engagement ring. But with all the engagement ring styles out there, how on earth do you know what kind of ring to buy?

An engagement ring or wedding ring is a symbol of your lifelong commitment to your partner and choosing the right ring can be an indication of how well you know each other. The ring needs to be suited to your partner now, and in the future, so it will need to be tailored to her current tastes but also be a timeless style. After all, most of us will keep it for our whole lives!

Establish a budget

The factor that will drive most of your engagement ring choices initially is price. Consider what your ideal budget would be and stick to it. Stressing about the price of the ring during or after you purchase it can suck the fun out of the whole experience pretty quickly. Traditionally, this is said to be two months’ salary, but these days, sticking with tradition is becoming less and less important.

Also, consider just how important the ring might be to your partner. Is it important to them that they have a large, ostentatious ring? In some cultures, and to some people, an engagement ring is a symbol of wealth and power, whereas, to others, it should be simple, unique, and symbolic of your relationship.

Decide how much you’re willing to spend, keeping in mind that you’ll probably also need to pay for a wedding and honeymoon in the not-too-distant-future!

Find out the ring size

If you’re planning a surprise engagement, there are plenty of sneaky ways to get your partner’s ring size. One of the easiest ways is to pinch one of her existing rings and take it into a jewellery store to be measured. Ideally, it will be a ring that she wears on her left hand.

If the ring isn’t the perfect size, it’s not the end of the world. We offer a free resize within four weeks of every engagement ring purchased.

Choose the right style                 

The style will probably be the hardest element to get right. Choosing engagement rings can be difficult, especially if your partner tends to be picky. Luckily, there are a few ways to figure out what the best choice will be for your partner.

Consider your partner’s personal style. Is it glamorous and glitzy, or is it more natural and understated? If your partner wears a lot of vintage clothing, a vintage-style or custom-made ring might suit them better. You can choose anything from diamonds or coloured gems, various styles and metals right up to a fully custom-made ring. You can work with our jewellers to make your ring or turn old heirloom jewellery into something new and create a truly unique engagement ring.

You’ll probably also want to consider your partner’s lifestyle. If they’re very active or work with their hands a lot, it’s better to choose a ring with a low profile. Rings with a higher profile (one that is more raised) may catch on things. Your jeweller can advise you on whether the design, metal diamond or gemstone is a good choice for an active style and make suggestions if any alterations are required.

Snooping on your partner’s style           

If you’re not sure about your partner’s style, call in the troops to help. If you’re surprising your partner, stalk her Pinterest or Instagram and see if she has been saving any images of engagement ring types.

Ask her mother, siblings or friends to ask her about ring tastes. It’s easy for a friend who is already engaged or married to discuss their own rings and see what your partner thinks of various styles. Just make sure you speak to someone you trust! You don’t want news of your surprise proposal to leak!

Understand diamond shapes, cutting styles and quality

You don’t have to be an expert but it does help to know a little about diamond shapes, cutting styles and quality, even if diamonds aren’t the main jewel in the ring you choose.

The shape refers to what the diamond looks like from above. Typically, round is by far the most popular diamond shape, but there are other options to consider such as square, oval, pear-shaped or marquise cuts.

Pick a metal                       

The metal you choose for the band of the ring influences the overall look of the piece as sometimes a yellow gold band can make diamonds look warmer. Picking the metal for the band is usually relatively easy, as most people lean towards a favourite jewellery colour.

If you’re unsure, white gold or platinum is usually a safer bet. Rose gold has been popular recently but isn’t worn as commonly, so unless you know your partner loves rose gold, it’s a riskier choice.

Platinum can also be a few hundred dollars more expensive than white gold, so you may prefer to spend that money on a larger diamond. If platinum is within your budget, it is a perfect choice for most engagement ring designs. Your jeweller will advise you on the best metal type for you.

Pick a stone           

When picking a stone, most people will opt for diamonds, but consider what your partner likes. If your partner likes a certain colour or a particular gemstone, you could try to use that as the main stone and incorporate diamonds on the band or in the halo. Sapphire is a popular choice as it is very hard wearing and looks stunning flanked with smaller diamonds on the outside.

We offer custom made engagement rings so you can create a unique engagement ring and choose whichever stone you like in a variety of different styles and settings. Many women will have their heart set on a diamond, so it might be best to try to find out whether she would be happy with an alternative stone or not before making this decision. Our talented jewellers have a range of gemstones with various properties which we can take you through.

Whatever your choice, we’re sure your partner will be elated at your proposal. If you’re still not sure of which ring to choose, get a temporary ring. Alternatively, you could propose with a loose gemstone then create the ring together as a couple.

Check out our extensive range of stunning engagement rings here or create a custom-made ring here to ensure you can create the design your partner wants. If you’re still lost for inspiration, lighten the mood and have a bit of fun with our Engagement Ring Quiz! You never know, we might just nail the perfect choice for you!

Tell us in the comment box below what your dream engagement ring would look like?👇👇👇


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