How to Guess HIS Finger Size Correctly?

When a guy decides that the time has come to pop the big question, but wishes to surprise his loved one, guessing the correct finger size can become a challenging obstacle. There are many ways to go about this discreetly and we have put together an article to help guys with exactly this issue. But what happens if the tables are turned and it is the guy receiving a surprise ring. Perhaps it is a surprise wedding, proposal or a commitment ring. Whatever the occasion, guessing the correct finger size for your male partner may prove to be a greater challenge.
If your partner already wears a ring then you can breathe a sigh of relief, as your challenge has become dramatically easier, especially if he wears a ring on the same finger on the other hand. All you need to do is discreetly borrow the ring and take it to a jeweller to have the ring sized. If you suspect that he is going to notice that it is missing, you can trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper and this will give a close approximation. However, if you are not in the ideal position of guessing his finger size based on an existing ring, there are a few other options.
Option1: Measure his finger size at home
If he is a deep sleeper, take a piece of string and tie it around his finger and measure the length precisely. This will give a good indication of his finger size.
Option 2: Call on Friends and Family
Friends and family are a priceless resource. Perhaps his mum or close friends may have an idea of his finger size. Or you can ask one of his close friends to casually get him to try on one of his own rings to estimate the size. 
Option 3: Take him shopping
This option is almost so obvious that he won’t guess and is perhaps the ultimate way to correctly find out his finger size without playing any guessing games. Take him shopping and casually (and coincidentally!) end up in a store where there is a ring that would look great on him and insist that he should try it on. Keep it casual and perhaps stick to men’s fashion / department store. Once he has tried it on, take note of the size and continue on your way. The chances of him guessing that this is one big ploy to organise a surprise gifts is slim to none.  
Option 4: Send him to the Jeweller
If you think that none of the above options are a possibility, send him to a professional! If your partner purchased your engagement ring from a jeweller he will already have an established relationship. Organise a ploy for your partner to drop your ring off at the jewellers to check the settings and give it a quick clean. Call the jeweller and tell them your plan and ask if they can take a look at his fingers whilst he is there. Perhaps they will even come up with a creative way to check his finger size for you without him suspecting a thing. 
Remember, it is almost always possible to resize a ring. If you think that none of these options will be a success without ruining the surprise, then the closest guess will be ok! Just keep in mind that certain designs cannot be resized easily; such as rings with detailed hand engravings, rings with diamonds that go all the way around and titanium rings.

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