How to guess the correct finger size?

Following on from our last blog, we thought it would be handy to offer a few tips on how to go about getting your partners correct finger size. We understand that it is not always possible to get the perfect fit, especially, if you are planning a surprise proposal. But the closest estimate will save her having to leave the ring with us to be resized after you’ve popped the question!

So, how exactly do you go about this? 

Well, by all means, if you have a knack for being subtle, go ahead and casually ask her friend or sister what your partner’s finger size is. If you DO NOT have subtly down to a fine art… Stay well clear of this option, because most likely she will be onto you and any chance of a surprise proposal will be out the window!

Wondering what your other options are?

Does she have a ring that you can discreetly ‘borrow’? As long as you know which finger she wears it on, this can help us get pretty close. Remember too that all engagement rings custom made at Larsen Jewellery come with a free resize. 

Still not an option; maybe she has a ring that she wears all the time. If so, when she removes it, inconspicuously take a piece of paper, roll it into a tube, place it through the ring, let the paper unroll as far as it can inside the ring, mark the edge of the paper at the point at which it overlaps. Again, it really helps if you know what finger she wears this ring on.

Not the most accurate option, but, if she is a DEEP sleeper, tie a piece of string around her finger where her engagement ring would sit and measure the length. Be careful with this one. If she wakes up, your secret will be out!

Now, if you are not feeling optimistic about any of these options, our suggestion is; observe, observe, observe! Do you have photos of her hands? How big are her hands compared to yours? Does she have a similar finger size to one of her friends? If so, find out their finger size.

Good luck guys! We’re always willing to help if you need more advice!




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