How to Look After Your Engagement Ring

by Sara Gibson
June 25, 2018 / Engagement Rings


Your engagement ring is a once in a lifetime gift and arguably the most special piece of jewellery you will ever receive. For this reason alone, it is understandable that a little TLC should be adopted to make sure your ring lasts the distance.

As soon as you receive your ring, you should begin an easy routine of care. This doesn’t need to be time-consuming but just a few simple things to take on at home to make sure your ring is always looking beautiful.

1. Adopt a Spot

From the very beginning, find a safe spot to put your rings when washing up or in the bathroom. Usually, a small dish by the sink does the job.

2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Your skin doesn’t like harsh chemicals and neither does your ring. When cleaning or doing the dishes get into the routine of taking your rings off.

3. The Gym is Not Your Ring’s Friend

You wouldn’t wear your best outfit to the gym so consider the same for your ring. If you are a weights or boxing girl save your ring by having a safe place you keep it while you work out.

4. Consider A Faux Ring

Engagement rings can cost a small fortune and have an even greater sentimental value. You may want to consider a faux ring for certain circumstances such as when travelling to places where the theft risk is high.

5. Yearly Check-ups

Make sure the jeweller you go with offers a good after service. At Larsen Jewellery we offer a complimentary annual check-up including a polish and plate for the lifetime of your ring.

6. At Home Cleaning

It is common to find a build of dirt under the centre stone of your ring. To keep your ring looking sparkly, gently scrub your ring with warm soapy water using an old toothbrush. Focus under and around the centre stone to remove any unwanted grime.

7. Insurance

Your ring has both sentimental and monetary value and is not something you want to lose but it can happen. We recommend purchasing insurance for your ring for the unlikely and unfortunate situation that your ring may go missing or be stolen. Check if you can add it to an existing contents policy or look at options for insuring your engagement ring as an individual item in its own policy.

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