How to Look After Your Sapphire Jewellery

by Lars Larsen
June 30, 2014 / Coloured Gemstones,Engagement Rings,Jewellery Buying Guide

           Caring for sapphire jewellery
Sapphire jewellery, like any other fine jewellery, requires regular upkeep and maintenance to keep it looking just as beautiful as when you purchased it. If you have a Sapphire engagement ring it is a good idea to adopt a simple cleaning routine from the start. 
How to clean your Sapphire at home…
Cleaning your Sapphires at home is very straight forward. All you need to do is gently scrub your ring with an old toothbrush and warm, soapy water. Make sure you gently brush under the stone to remove any dirt or dust that maybe hidden in the setting. Always avoid harsh chemicals, moisturisers or abrasives as they may leave residue or scratch your ring. Polish with a soft cloth and you’ll be amazed at how beautiful and clean your Sapphire ring is. 
Extra Tips to Keep your Sapphire Engagement Ring Looking BEAUTIFUL!
  • As with all fine jewellery, always take your rings off when doing the washing up. A good idea is to place a small dish near the sink where you routinely place your rings.
  • Avoid exposing your Sapphire engagement ring to harsh knocks and bumps. Wearing your ring whilst doing weights at the gym is not the best idea! It is a good idea to have a safe place to store your jewellery while at the gym, doing the gardening or any other hands-on activity. 
  • For a deeper clean drop your ring off at your jeweller for an ultrasonic clean. This only takes a couple of minutes and a good jeweller should welcome you to do so. 
  • Annual check-ups! Whether you have a Diamond or a Sapphire engagement ring it is important to have your ring checked regularly by your jeweller. They will ensure your stone is sitting nice and securely, remove any unwanted scratches or marks and Rhodium plate if required. We suggest booking your ring in for a check every 12 – 18 months depending on how you wear your ring. Make sure you check if this is a service that is included with your jewellery purchase.

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