How to make sure your partner proposes with your dream ring in 2014

January 15, 2014 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

Is 2014 the year that the love of your life will propose to you? Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your partner is secretly making plans? Or you may have found the man of your dreams and you know that it is only a matter of time until he will be down on one knee asking that special question.

For some ladies you might be so overwhelmed with joy at the thought, that the last thing you have on your mind is what ring he will have in his hand eagerly waiting to put on your finger. This, however, may not be the case. Every girl dreams of her engagement ring and the last thing anyone wants is to have that undesirable awkward moment when you look down at your finger and the ring is just not quite what you had imagined. So, how can you make sure that your partner chooses that perfect ring without giving away the surprise?
If you suspect that your partner has started his search for the ring that is going to win your heart, then it is time to start dropping hints! Make sure you are timely with this, dropping hints after a month of dating is probably too soon! The last thing you want is to scare him away.
Perhaps you have a vague idea of what you would like. Maybe you have spent much of your adult life dreaming up your engagement ring and have every little detail thought out. If this is the case, then it is probably a good idea to have an open conversation with your partner. Make him aware that you have a specific design in mind. Chances are he will ask you to show him a picture and this will remove any chance of disappointment. He may even choose to surprise you with a proposal ring or a diamond and then you can enjoy the process of designing the perfect ring together. Remember, there is also nothing wrong with shopping together. This can be a great way to make sure he knows exactly what you want, eliminating any possibility of disappointment. 
If you want to keep the surprise element, but have a certain style in mind, there is no harm in dropping subtle hints to guide him in the right direction. A few ideas to try:
Point out celebrity engagement rings you like. 
If you are after a specific style, such as an Art Deco or a modern solitaire design, let your partner know.
It is always a good idea to make him aware of what you don’t like! If vintage style rings are not your taste then make sure he is aware of this.
Leave your desktop open on your dream ring or keep a brochure or magazine lying around of the ring you would love. This one is quite obvious but it is a safe bet he will get the idea!
Make sure you tell your close girlfriends, sisters or Mum. Chances are he will ask them. Even let him know that when the time comes then he should call on them for guidance. They will become his ultimate resource.
If you love coloured gemstones and you have a particular favourite, such as a Sapphire, then let your partner know. Coloured gemstones are such a personal choice, so unless your partner is certain this is what you want he will most likely opt for a diamond.
Whether you decide to leave the selection process up to your partner and just leave a few subtle hints or if you decide that shopping with him is the safer option, you should have eliminated any chance of him choosing a ring that just does not speak to you. Once your finger is adorned with your dazzling ring any anxiety you once had will have completely disappeared!


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