How to wear cufflinks

by Nicole
June 16, 2016 / Men’s Jewellery


The most popular item of men’s jewellery, after the wedding ring, is the cufflink. They are also quite practical, serving the purpose of keeping those shirt cuffs at bay.

Cufflinks originated way back in the 1200’s when string was used to fasten gents shirt cuffs, since then, they have become a staple in any businessman’s wardrobe and a necessity for most men on any formal occasion, particularly their wedding day. Over the years they have been refined into a beautiful and functional piece of jewellery an alternative to the usual buttons that are sewn onto the cuff of a shirt.

If you have not tried them, we suggest giving them ago. They are that final touch on a semi formal / formal outfit. You will quickly notice how many complements you receive.

What are cufflinks?

They are the alternative to buttons. They are separate, removable objects that fit into button holes on the sleeve of French cuffed shirts. They come in all shapes and sizes and if you can’t find what you want, they can always be custom made for you.

How do cufflinks work?

Cufflinks fit through holes in French cuffed shirt cuffs with a specifically designed fastening mechanism, often a hinged toggle that swings and locks into position, fastening the cuffs together.
The face of the cufflink sits on the outside and traditionally is a circle but can be designed to any shape or form you want. The most common fastening mechanism is a hinged toggle, although this is not the only option. Cufflinks have been designed with a range of fittings, from chain cufflinks to stud cufflinks and fabric cufflinks. Just ask your jeweller to see the options available.

Cufflinks can be made from most materials. You may even opt for a pair made out of silk! The most popular type is silver but you will find them in all metals. Cufflinks are far from a boring piece of jewellery, when you start to look, you will soon see there are many creative options to suit any outfit. From stainless steel to mixed metals, there are cufflinks that feature diamonds or gemstones and even cufflinks with engraving or enamel. Your imagination and style are the only guidelines to follow.

At Larsen Jewellery we have a lovely collection of ready to wear cufflinks available in store. For those of you that are after something unique and special, ask us about our custom made cufflinks. We can make everything from anatomical hearts to particular sports cars or racing bikes. One of our jewellers can work with you to come up with a beautifully designed custom made pair of cufflinks to suit your personal style.

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