Is Yellow Gold Making a Comeback?

If you take a moment to survey the general population’s jewellery you would be forgiven for thinking that yellow gold is a thing of the past. What is the popular choice for most? White metals. And when it comes to engagement and wedding rings the top choice is white gold or platinum. Why is this? The influence of popular culture. By setting your diamond against white gold or platinum, you can make your diamond stand out even more. Your ring will enhance your diamond giving it optimal brilliance. When did white gold come on the scene and knock yellow gold off its top spot? It was in the 1920s when white gold first became fashionable and has continued to dominate ever since.
Even though white metals continue to be the choice of most, it appears, if you look closely, that yellow gold is making a comeback. Why might this be? With the refreshing trend of people looking for something truly unique and original, people are entertaining all of their metal options. On top of this, more and more are looking to recreate a vintage style ring which often features yellow gold. 
What styles suit yellow gold?
It is true that white metals are the optimal choice for engagement rings featuring white diamonds. Some will love yellow gold and there is no other option when it comes to their metal choice. However, not all engagement rings feature or have to feature white diamonds. There are many beautiful coloured gemstone and diamond options to choose from. Yellow gold looks beautiful in antique and vintage designs and for a more dramatic look set a black Sapphire into a yellow gold ring. Some of our favourite coloured gemstone and yellow gold combinations are beautiful yellow gold diamonds or gemstones set into yellow gold ring or nothing looks for striking with an Emerald than a yellow gold ring. Just take a look at Halle Berry’s Emerald and yellow gold engagement rings
It is true, yellow gold is not for everyone. When making your choice, no matter what metal, you need to consider what looks best against your skin tone, just as you do when shopping for clothes. Yellow gold looks wonderful against warmer skin tones. If you have beautiful dark olive skin then yellow gold will look stunning on you.
To inspire you, here are a few of our favourite yellow gold engagement rings:
The ‘Delta’ featuring an Oval and two Pear shaped diamonds
The ‘Florence’ featuring a cushion cut diamond and small round brilliant diamonds set into the halo.
The ‘Evening Light’ – yellow on yellow, featuring a beautiful cushion cut Hessonite surrounded by small white diamonds

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