July’s Birthstone: Ruby

by Lars Larsen
June 27, 2013 / Coloured Gemstones,Engagement Rings

 If you are born in July you are lucky to be blessed with Ruby as your birthstone. Red is the colour of love, passion and romance; it is no wonder that rubies are one of the most desirable and precious gemstones. Truly making them the perfect choice of stone for a gift or engagement ring!

In western culture they are the undisputed . However, it is worth mentioning that in other cultures the stone may vary. In Hindu culture, where birthstones are considered to be of great importance, the ruby is the birthstone of August and sapphires are the birthstone of July.

Throughout cultures and ancient mythology, health properties are strongly connected to each type of gemstone. It is widely considered across many cultures that rubies ward off danger and brings the wearer health, wealth and love. In Ancient Sanskrit text, rubies were given the name ‘King of Precious Stones’.

Now, if you are considering surprising your loved one with a ruby engagement ring or want to design a specially crafted piece of jewellery featuring a ruby then you might be interested in learning a little more about this beautiful stone.

What many do not realise is that rubies are technically a sapphire. Both sapphires and rubies come from the same gemstone family of corundum. Only the corundum gems that are beautiful rich pinks to deep reds in colour are fortunate enough to be considered a ruby. Just like sapphires, they have a hardness rating of 9 on the Moh’s hardness scale.  However, when choosing a ruby for an engagement ring it is important to be aware of the differences between a sapphire and a ruby. Even though they have the same hardness as a sapphire, lower quality rubies can be brittle due to commonly found inclusions within the stone. This can make them slightly more fragile when handling and setting.

The world’s most desirable colour for a ruby is known as the ‘pigeon’s blood red’ ruby, renowned for its deep pure red colour with a slight hint of blue. This colour of ruby is presumed to be a famous Burmese Ruby, the most famous and sought after type of ruby.

Rubies come in the most beautiful shades of dark pinks, magentas, crimsons, and reds from all over the world. So, if you are lucky enough to be born in July, you must certainly be worthy of wearing this precious stone!                                        

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