Learn More About Why Rose Gold Jewellery is so Beautiful

March 23, 2014 / Jewellery Buying Guide, Learn About Metals

Rose gold jewellery, popular in centuries past, is certainly making a come back. Once the metal of choice, this beautiful alternative to the popular white gold and yellow gold, is becoming the preference for many. 
The beautiful, soft, feminine colour of rose gold is what makes it such a great choice for recreating a vintage piece. You only need to look back in history to the Art Deco period to see just how popular rose gold was. Walk into any antique jewellery store and you will discover beautiful rose gold pieces. This is not to say that rose gold jewellery suits only vintage and antique style pieces, it also looks stunning in more contemporary and modern designs. 
What is rose gold?
Rose gold is the result of copper being alloyed with pure, yellow gold. The amount of copper used in the alloy will determine how pink or red the rose gold will be. 9ct rose gold is 37.5% pure gold and 62.5% alloy whereas 18ct rose gold is 75% pure gold and 25% alloy. Therefore 18ct will be a softer pink in colour than 9ct rose gold.
Who suits rose gold?
The best thing about rose gold is that it suits almost all skin tones. So if you are planning on surprising your loved one with a unique piece of jewellery for a special occasion, then a simple rose gold band or pendant might be just what you are looking for.
Is rose gold suitable for engagement rings?
Rose gold engagement rings are exquisite. The soft, warm pink of rose gold looks simply stunning when mixed with diamonds. Rose gold will set off your diamond perfectly, letting its brilliance shine. 
Does rose gold suit coloured gemstones?
Rose gold paired with coloured gemstones can be the perfect way to create a unique piece of jewellery. Just consider what colours complement pink and reds and then look for the relative gemstone. A few lovely combinations are soft pink sapphires, a stunning piece of morganite or champagne and cognac diamonds look wonderful with rose gold.
Is rose gold a suitable choice for men’s jewellery?
The warm tone of rose gold complements all skin tones. Plain rose gold men’s wedding rings look fantastic. Another option is a two-tone wedding ring, white and rose gold for example, create a stunning contrast when combined together.
It is no surprise that rose gold is appealing to so many. With its versatility and beautiful colour, it makes a great choice for any style of jewellery – contemporary or vintage. With the help of your jeweller you can bring to life your own beautiful unique rose gold engagement ring, wedding ring or other beautifully made custom piece.  

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