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July 24, 2013 / Engagement Rings, Learn About Metals

In recent years, rose gold has certainly made resurgence in its popularity. Perhaps when you think of rose gold you have memories of gazing at your grandmothers engagement ring or beautiful antique jewellery you have admired from a far. Now days, rose gold is commonly used in both vintage inspired and modern contemporary designs. 
So what exactly is rose gold, you might be wondering?  Gold in its purest form is yellow.  It is then alloyed with other metals to change its colour.  White gold is alloyed with metals such as silver and palladium to achieve the desired colour; rose gold is alloyed with a higher percentage of copper than silver to give it the beautiful pink tint so many of us love. The amount of copper used will slightly change the colour of the rose gold. In Australia, typically 9 and 18ct gold are most common. How do these two types differ when looking at rose gold? Well, 9ct rose gold has a lower pure gold content, 375 parts (37.5%) compared to 750 parts (75%) in 18ct, therefore there is a higher copper content in 9ct rose gold. The result of this higher copper content is a more intense red/rose colour compared to the softer pink tint of 18ct rose gold.
Rose gold looks fabulous by its self, mixed with other metals, such as white gold.  It compliments warm coloured gemstones, such as pink or yellow sapphires, the stunning rose pink of morganite or even a lovely champagne or cognac diamond. In Hollywood, celebrities love this trend. Blake Lively chose a delicate rose gold wedding band encrusted with diamonds to pair with her stunning rose gold engagement ring. A style that has continued its popularity in Hollywood since Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes. It is also the style that inspired the ever so fashionable Nicole Richie who combined a platinum band with a beautiful rose gold setting.  
Gentlemen, don’t assume that because of the more feminie colour of rose gold means that it is not an option for you! Rose gold rings look fabulous on a man’s hand and plenty of men are loving this as an alternative to the classic yellow gold ring!
Rose gold is a gorgeous choice, whether you decide to add only a hint or create a design made only out of rose gold.  It is up to you!


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