Luxury Engagement Rings

Every girl deserves a fabulous engagement ring. And there is no other item, where you can safely justify splurging on a fantastic engagement ring that speaks volumes in terms of luxury.
A vast proportion of the female population have spent years dreaming of the day that their hand will be adorned with a diamond dazzler; ever since she was a little girl, playing dress ups with mums clothes and admiring her mothers and grandmothers engagement ring from afar. So when that time comes, it is understandable when any lady is on cloud-nine thinking of that perfect ring. 
There is something exquisite about a luxury custom made engagement ring. You know that every detail has been carefully considered, painstaking hours have gone into perfecting the design by an expert jeweller whose attention to detail is second to none. You can be confident that love, time and energy has been poured into every surface making sure that no compromise has been made in terms of quality. This is what makes a handmade engagement ring the luxurious option. For most, an engagement ring is the most significant jewellery purchase one will make in their lifetime. So why not treat her with something truly special, that is like no other and that carries a story for years to come, one day becoming a beautiful heirloom piece that will last for generations to come. 
How to create a luxury engagement ring?
Quality is where the secret lies with luxurious and stylish engagement rings. This is why there is no better option than having a handmade, custom designed ring. Custom designing means you can choose your own diamond or gemstone. A diamond expert will help you choose the most exquisite and fine quality diamond to suit your design and budget. 
The quality of the diamond or coloured gemstone is the most important, especially when designing a ring that is meant to portray sophistication, elegance and love. A diamond with a poor cut will not show its brilliance and sparkle like one should and therefore will appear dull and lifeless or a large diamond where you sacrifice greatly on the colour may appear yellow in colour. A luxurious engagement ring should be sleek and dazzle with brilliance. Every line must be considered, proportions need to be perfectly balanced to create a ring that flows naturally creating a uniformed piece, not disjointed. 
The saying goes ‘diamonds are a girls best friend’ so it is no surprise that when it comes to engagement rings, the more sparkle the better. If you for-go on the size of the diamond in order to get a better quality stone, then create that extra sparkle by adding additional diamonds into the halo or as side-stones.
At Larsen Jewellery we believe every girl deserves a piece of luxury. Creating a custom designed, handcrafted engagement ring is a fine art and takes an expert jeweller to perfect the right balance. One of our jewellers can help you choose an exquisite stone and carefully custom design & handcraft a piece that will be admired for years to come. 

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