Men’s 18 carat gold wedding rings

by Sara Gibson
July 13, 2017 / Men’s Jewellery

The most common choice of metal for gents wedding rings is 18ct gold. There are many guys who have their heart set on a platinum wedding ring due to its reputation as the superior choice however they soon learn 18ct gold is also a fantastic option that is more affordable and will stand the test of time. Unlike platinum (which is always white), 18ct gold is available in a range of colours, the most popular being white, closely followed by yellow and rose gold.

When men decide on gold for their wedding ring the majority choose 18ct, however, there are some men who debate over whether to opt for a lower carat. There is a commonly held belief that 9ct gold is harder, but in reality, especially in the case of white gold, they wear away more quickly. Although you will pay a little more for 18ct, the gold content is twice the amount of that in 9ct gold. In our opinion 9ct is a great option for dress jewellery not ideal for everyday wear. For a special and sentimental piece of jewellery, such as a wedding ring which will be worn every day, spending that bit extra is worth every dollar.

When it comes to designing an 18ct gold wedding ring the options are endless. If you want something classic and traditional, then a plain gold band could be perfect for you. But if you prefer something a little less traditional, there are many options available. From combining different coloured metals to adding diamonds or coloured gemstones, experimenting with surface treatments or interesting engraved patterns, there are many ways to create a unique 18ct wedding ring.

Here are is a selection of 18ct gold wedding ring from the classic, half round to the most unique.

The stunning two-tone Mokume wedding ring – a Japanese technique where different metals are worked together to create a unique wood grain finish.


The ‘Union’ a two tone 18kt yellow gold and white gold gents wedder.


The ‘Men’s Gypsy’ for guys who like just a hint of sparkle.


For the modern man, the ‘Matte with Sideline’


The ‘Baguette Men’s’, a unique 18kt gents wedding ring featuring three baguette diamonds


The ‘Hammertone’, for the guy who works with his hands


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