Milgrain, the perfect last touch for your engagement ring

August 1, 2013 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

What exactly is milgrain? In French, the term translates to a ‘thousand grains’, which is the perfect description for this intricate technique. For hundreds of years, jewellers and artisans have used specialised milgrain tools to form small balls or beads on a metal surface to create a decorative finish or border.

Milgrain might just possibly be that last defining detail that completes your ultimate wedding or engagement ring. Reminiscent of a time passed by, milgrain will help to bring to life that antique or vintage style ring you have been dreaming of. Or even personalise a newer and modern style of ring.
Jewellers use milgrain to form lovely little trails of shiny metal beads to perfectly frame your diamond or to highlight the delicate craftsmanship of the piece. Still popular today, women love milgrain for the fine feminine style this technique offers. Celebrities have fallen in love with this trend; Natalie Portman’s and Katie Holme’s hands have both been adorned with stunning milgrain rings.
If you are after a vintage style ring or a delicate feminine piece, milgrain can be the perfect touch to bring your dream ring to life.

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