Lasting Memories – Creative Wedding

June 18, 2010

Your wedding bands are an everlasting reminder of your enduring love for each other.  What better way to make sure that reminder is as unique and wonderful as your marriage, than by making them yourselves.

When your big day is complete and the excitement of pending celebration settles down, you and your partner are left with the exciting and loving journey of spending the rest of your lives together.  One feature that stays with you as a lasting memory is your wedding jewellery.  Whether it is the first declaration of love, with an engagement ring, or the solidifying commitment of your wedding band – they are with you forever.

For over 15 years the jewellers at Larsen Jewellery have been on the forefront of everlasting wedding jewellery.  Owners Lars and Susie Larsen take pride in the unique experiences they offer their clients as well as the expertise they are surrounded by.  Head Jeweller Gillian Kilgour brings her many years of skill and creativity in designing exquisite pieces for your momentous occasion.  She is aware of what her clients want and is always prepared to supply them with their dream pieces.

In today’s world Larsen Jewellery have noticed the growing trend of individuality in their clients’ requests.  “Most people want unique wedding rings” says Lars “and that links in perfectly with the services that we provide.”  Every facet of the business works to make your jewelled items as special and individual as your romance.  Whether it is the fascinating Wedding Ring Experience, that allows couples to make each other’s wedding bands, or the radiant collection of ready-made wedding and engagement rings available, there is something for everyone.

Choose from their extensive selection of engagement and wedding rings on display or create a one-of-a-kind design with one of Larsen’s talented jewellers.  Your thoughts and ideas coupled with the skill of a Larsen jeweller can be used to handcraft a look that suits your style, personality and flair.

Their collection doesn’t end there.  Say “I love you” with a beautiful set of diamond earrings or walk down the aisle in a diamond necklace that oozes elegance and style while complementing your wedding bands.  Larsen Jewellery aims to cater to your gem needs whether it is matching you with your dream creation, custom designing your precious piece or supplying you with quality diamonds at wholesale prices.

For more information about Larsen Jewellery call the studio on 02 9223 2006 (Sydney) or 03 9662 3005 (Melbourne).

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