Not the Ring You Dreamed of or is it Time For an Update?

by Lars Larsen
November 20, 2014 / Engagement Rings,Jewellery Buying Guide

When you dream of your proposal day you may imagine a beautiful diamond ring never to be taken off again! Sometimes this is not the case. Perhaps it is just not what you had in mind or maybe later on down the track you are ready for a change. Secretly you might be thinking of other designs or how you can add that touch of ‘you’ to your ring. These feelings can naturally bring along feelings of guilt. But they shouldn’t. You are not the first to feel this way.
So, what to do if this is you?
If you have had your ring for many years you may just want an upgrade. Perhaps when you were younger your budget was just not going to stretch far enough to allow a large, dazzling diamond ring. Now, after years of hard work, that dream ring is a possibility. It’s possible that your taste may have changed and now when you look at your hand it isn’t with the admiration that you once had for your ring. Being ready for a new ring is not a bad thing and certainly not an uncommon thing. Engagement rings are sentimental purchases and will often reflect who you were at that time. It is therefore completely understandable if, down the track, you are ready for something new. 
On the other hand you may be recently engaged and have found yourself in a position where no matter how hard you try to get used to your engagement ring it is just not happening. This does not mean that you are ungrateful. Choosing an engagement ring is not an easy task and as hard as those brave men try, every now and then they just don’t quite get it right. Put yourself in his shoes, the last thing he would want is for you to be unhappy with the ring.
Once a bit of time has passed, sit down with him and tactfully explain to him how much it means that he poured so much love into picking a ring for you. Explain, as gently as possible, that after wearing if for a while you’ve realise it is not quite what you had in mind. Have an open conversation with him and ask him if he would mind discussing your options with a jeweller together. You may just want some extra sparkle and this may be as simple as adding some small diamonds into the shoulders of your ring. Your ring may just need a little fine tuning to make it perfect for you. 
What do you do with the old engagement ring?
Deciding to give your engagement ring a makeover does not mean; ‘out with the old and in with the new’. You may want to use your diamonds from your existing engagement ring and incorporate them into a new design. Or you may still wish to wear it every now and then, swapping between the new and old, or keep it as a heirloom piece. Remember, you have other fingers, so wearing one does not mean that you cannot wear the other!

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