Our Favourite Art Deco Inspired Engagement Rings

April 17, 2015 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

One era and trend that does not seem to fade is Art Deco inspired engagement rings. And rightly so, with their exquisite detail, perfect symmetry, intricate patterns, stylised and geometric lines it is obvious why so many fall in love with this style time and time again.
The Art Deco period, from 1920 – 1940, was one of the most influential periods of design. This period also coincided with the advancement of the diamond and gemstone cutting technology which saw the rise in types of cuts available and the introduction to cutting techniques that saw diamonds and gemstones sparkle like never before!
The use of coloured gemstones became more and more apparent during this time, if not as the central focus then as accent stones. A strong emphasis on chromatic and coloured contrasts was popular. Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds were used frequently along with other precious gemstones.
A few of our favourite celebrities are also in love with this era and trend, the beautiful Scarlett Johansson has a stunning Art Deco engagement ring featuring three round brilliant diamonds surrounded by a rectangular diamond setting. Another, Nicole Richie has a beautiful Art Deco inspired engagement ring featuring a round brilliant diamond surrounded by an octagonal halo setting. 
If you are thinking of having an Art Deco ring custom made, here are 5 of our favourite Art Deco inspired designs:
The ‘Renaissance’
The ‘Venezia’
The ‘Aura’
The ‘Zen’
The ‘Tesoro’

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