Our Favourite Millgrain Engagement Rings

If you are after a vintage inspired engagement ring or a wedding ring with delicate fine detail, then mill grain might just be the perfect finishing touch for you.
What is mill grain exactly?
Mill grain is an ancient technique where small balls of metal are formed on the surface of a jewellery piece, creating beautiful edges with perfect rows of beads. Although relatively unknown to the wider population, this surface embellishment has been popular for many years, especially during the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods of design. In recent years mill grain has seen a resurgence in popularity amongst more contemporary styles. Mill grain is the perfect way to create lovely texture, add extra fine detail and frame your diamond or gemstone while beautifully offsetting it!
Whilst mill grain is a wonderful way to create a vintage look, it can also be used in more contemporary designs. Mill grain is created using ancient tools to raise beads of metal on the surface of the piece. It is also possible to create a mill grain look with the use of advanced computer technology.
If you are working to a budget and can’t afford an engagement or wedding ring embellished with diamonds then adding mill grain is a great and affordable way to create a detailed and ornate look without breaking the bank.
The ‘Serenity’ (Cognac) featuring a beautiful Cushion cut Cognac Diamond with Millgrain detailing.
The ‘Lalique’ diamond engagement ring featuring a beautiful mix of Emerald Cut diamonds and Round Brilliant diamonds.
The ‘Classic Ladies Millgrain’ wedding ring featuring beautiful Millgrain edges.

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