Part 2: Common Custom Made Engagement Ring Questions

In Part 1 of our ‘Common Custom Made Engagement Ring Questions’ article we highlighted how common it is to have questions circling your mind when setting out on the quest to find an engagement ring and in doing so we covered six of the most common questions such as ‘how much does a custom made engagement ring cost’ and ‘how to find out your girlfriends finger size without her knowing’. To continue on our quest to make this journey easier for you here are the answers to our final most popular questions.
1. What are the 4C’S?
The 4c’s refers to the colour, cut, clarity and carat of a diamonds. This is the grading system that is used to determine a diamonds quality. The most important of the 4c’s is considered to be the ‘Cut’. How well a diamond has been cut determines how the light will hit the diamond and reflect the light giving it the brilliance you so desire. A poor cut diamond will appear lifeless and dull, regardless of the other grades. To learn more about the 4c’s visit our education section /blog/learn-about/diamonds
2. I have found a diamond online that is considerably cheaper than diamonds in store…
It is important to be careful when purchasing diamonds online. If you find a diamond online that sounds too good to be true then chances are it is! We always advise our clients to view a diamond before making their selection. A diamond may read well on paper, but it is not until to view a diamond in real life does it show its true nature. There are many factors that come into play when grading a diamond, not just the four C’s, only a diamond expert can truly read a certificate to assess whether a diamonds quality. But still, a certificate does not translate the feeling you get from a diamond. Everyone is drawn to particular stones for a reason. You would hate to receive your diamond and it just not feel right! To read more on the risks of purchasing a diamond online visit our helpful blog article: /blog/where-to-buy-an-engagement-ring
3. Can you custom design my engagement ring so that my wedding ring fits perfectly?
At Larsen Jewellery we specialise in making sure your wedding ring fits perfectly with your engagement ring. Our jewellers can design the wedding ring at the same time for you to create the perfect set.
4. I can’t decide between 18ct white gold and platinum?
The choice between 18ct and platinum will often come down to budget and your design. If your engagement ring has fine settings then platinum is a great and durable choice. Platinum is a white metal that is used in its almost pure form (95%). It is also extremely dense making it heavier than white gold. Platinum is renowned for its hardwearing qualities and the other bonus is that because of its natural white state there is no need to have it rhodium plated as is the case with white gold. What is the catch? Platinum is very expensive, around double the cost of 18ct gold depending on metal prices. 18ct is also a very hard wearing and durable choice, it does require regular upkeep to maintain its white colour so it’s a good idea to check your jewellers follow up service and see if they offer a free annual polish and plate service. 
5. Can I purchase a diamond on its own and return with my partner to make the ring?
We often suggest this option for those men who are just not 100% confident that they will make the best choice. This way you can still propose with a beautiful diamond and then enjoy the journey together. Another option is you can propose with a proposal ring from us and then return and select the diamond and design together.

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