Peridot, The Beautiful Birthstone of August

August 14, 2014 / Coloured Gemstones, Jewellery Buying Guide

August has arrived and so nears the end of winter in the Southern Hemisphere. So it seems appropriate that those born in August have been blessed with the beautiful and vibrant Peridot as their birthstone: a reminder that longer days, fields of flowers and warmer temperatures are just around the corner.
Peridot, unlike gemstones such as Sapphire and Topaz, is unique in that it is found only in one colour. Peridot is a beautiful, vibrant green and there are only a few subtle shade variations available.
Peridot is primarily formed deep under the Earth’s surface. It is also, by way of one of nature’s greatest mysteries, occasionally found occurring in meteorites. Those found on meteorites are certainly rarer and therefore extremely valuable. 
Peridot has been referenced in association with many myths throughout history and as with many other gemstones is believed to possess certain attributes. It is believed that Peridot’s first recorded discovery was on a small Island in Egypt by a naturalist, Pliny the Elder. He named the stone ‘Topazios’ and, being such a significant find, he named the island after the stone. The Egyptians referred to Peridot as the‘gem of the sun’ and believed that when worn it would protect the wearer against nightmares and promote good health, confidence and longevity. Recent discoveries have led scientists and historians to believe that the ‘Emeralds’ Cleopatra was famously in love with were, in fact, Peridots of the highest quality. 
Peridot is a wonderful choice for those that love vibrant, strong shades of green. Peridot ranges from yellow-lime greens to deeper olive greens and looks fantastic when set in white gold and surrounded with perfectly contrasting white diamonds. Peridot is one of the more affordable coloured gemstones especially in comparison to the most famous of the green gemstones, the Emerald. 
If you have someone close to you that has a birthday in August, then Peridots make an undeniably beautiful choice for a gift. Custom design a beautiful pair of earrings, a ring or a pendant to create a gift won’t bring any disappointment. 

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