Personalise your wedding rings with Ogham engraving

by Lars Larsen
June 19, 2012 / Wedding Rings

Ogham Wedding Rings are a beautiful way to create a personalised wedding ring that holds a secret message using this ancient form of writing.

Ogham is an ancient Irish alphabet dating back as far as the 5th century. It is believed that the term Ogham is derived from the God of Eloquence ‘Ogma’. Ancient Ogham texts were written on stones and often contained secret rituals and prayers. Today in Ireland there are still hundreds of stones that can be found from this period.

The alphabet consists of twenty characters made up of groups of lines, each group consisting of one to five strokes. The text is normally read from bottom to top or right to left.

In modern Irish jewellery Ogham text has commonly found its place in wedding ring jewellery. It is considered a symbolic way of creating a wedding ring that has sentimental and historical significance.

At Larsen Jewellery our talented jewellers custom make rings in our Sydney and Melbourne workshops. One of our classic designs that can be viewed on our website “Ogham” is an example of just one style of Ogham wedding rings that we can create for you. If you have your own secret message that you would like included in your wedding ring please enquire with us today!

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