Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

February 23, 2014 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

Pink diamonds are arguably the world’s most exquisite natural creations. So rare and sought after, the smallest of pink diamonds can be worth well into the thousands.

Perhaps one of the world’s most famous pink diamonds, the ‘Pink Star’ is up for auction at Sotheby’s this November. The oval cut stone weighs in at an incredible 59.60 carats. Pink diamonds are graded based on their colour, the more intense the pink the higher the value. The highest possible grade of ‘1’ is deemed ‘Vivid Pink’, with ‘Light Pink’ being the lowest grade of ‘8’. The ‘Pink Star’ is such an intense pink that it has received a ‘Vivid Pink’ grading. It has also been graded with an internally flawless clarity. This truly makes it one of nature’s most rare and beautiful creations.
How much could a diamond like this possibly be worth? To give you an idea, back in 2010 at a Sotheby’s auction, the 24.78 carat ‘Graff Pink Diamond’ set a world record when it sold for an astonishing $46.2 million. So, not surprisingly, it is anticipated that the Pink Star will set a new world record, potentially exceeding $60 million.
For the vast majority of us, owning such an exquisite creation could only happen in our wildest dreams. This does not mean that you have to rule out pink diamonds all together. If you love the idea of wearing such a rare and precious stone, you may want to consider incorporating small pink diamonds into your wedding or engagement ring. Perhaps a small halo of pink diamonds surrounding your centre stone or set into the shoulders of your engagement ring. Pink diamonds creates an exquisite and delicate look when set in rose gold. One Hollywood celebrity, Blake Lively, was certainly the envy of many when she received a picture perfect engagement ring with a pale pink diamond set into a rose gold band. Whether or not you are considering incorporating this amazing stone into your jewellery, it is worthwhile simply viewing a pink diamond purely to appreciate the incredible wonders of nature.

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