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by Nicole
August 16, 2015 / Coloured Gemstones,Engagement Rings,Jewellery Buying Guide

Red is the colour of passion, love and romance, so it could be fair to suggest that out of all the engagement ring options, the Ruby engagement ring is the most romantic by far. If you look back in the history books, particularly in the 17th and 18th century, Rubies were a popular choice for engagement rings especially when paired with beautiful contrasting white diamonds. 

Burmese Ruby’s are the most famous and typically the most expensive, other sources of good quality Ruby are Thailand (Siam), Madagascar, Tanzania and Sri Lanka.

Are Rubies suitable for engagement rings? Rubies are the red variety of corundum. The other is Sapphire, available in an assortment of colours. Being from the same family as the Sapphire, they too have a high hardness rating on the Moh’s hardness scale, making them suitable for an engagement ring. One thing to be wary about is that in recent years a treatment known as ‘fracture filling’ has appeared on the market. The process involves taking low grade stones with surface reaching fractures and filling the tiny voids with lead glass during the heating process. This transforms the stone into something more visually appealing, even though the fractures in the stone remain. Applying heat to a fracture filled ruby or placing it in a ‘jeweller’s ‘pickle’ can often result in a frosty, white coating on the stone that cannot be reversed. This treatment is totally unacceptable and must be disclosed along all points of sale. If you see a ruby that appears to be of reasonable quality at unbelievably low prices – beware. As the old saying goes, “If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.” Most important thing is to purchase your Ruby through a reputable jeweller / gemstone dealer who will be able to give you expert advice on which is the right stone for you. 

Rubies are a truly beautiful gemstone and a wonder to work with, especially for those that are after something beautifully unique. More often then not, a Ruby will be incorporated into a vintage style design, that’s not to say they do not lend themselves to a more modern, contemporary look. Jessica Simpson recently received a beautiful Ruby engagement ring and the lady who had the most enviable jewellery collection, Elizabeth Taylor, had a stunning 8.24 carat Ruby and diamond ring. 

If you love the thought of a Ruby engagement ring, draw on inspiration from the plethora of fancy coloured and diamond engagement rings available. Vintage or modern, imagine one stunning Ruby that will take centre stage and contrast beautifully with your design.

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