Princess Cut Diamond Designs

by Sara Gibson
August 1, 2017 / Engagement Rings

The Princess cut diamond was created in the 1970s, by Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz, as an alternative to the round brilliant cut diamond. It is one of the most popular diamond shapes to rival the round brilliant diamond.

Princess cut diamonds are a romantic choice fit for a princess. They are perfect for the lady that loves clean, streamlined designs; the modern and contemporary woman. If you are looking to buy a princess cut diamond, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  •  A princess cut will sparkle beautifully, however it will not sparkle in the same way that a round brilliant. This is due to the larger, four sided pavilion which divides the light return into 4 sections as opposed to the round brilliant cut’s 8 sections.
  •  Princess cuts are a more affordable option than a round brilliant diamond. Round brilliant diamonds demand a premium because they are the most sought after, particularly the perfect 1.00ct. Another contributing factor to the difference in cost is due to the cutting process because cutting a round brilliant diamond results in more wastage than cutting a princess cut diamond.
  • When looking for a princess cut diamond the most important factors are the cut, symmetry and polish. A diamond that has been cut poorly will not have the same brilliance and fire that a well-cut stone has. We recommend looking at a selection of princess cuts in person, the cut itself is not graded on GIA certificates so the best way to determine the brilliance is with your own eyes.
  • If it suits your design, some princess cuts are cut slightly more rectangular, these are often a more affordable option.
  • The most important thing is to use these tips as a guideline and to choose what is right for you and your budget. Choosing a diamond is a personal choice, what you might love might not be right for somebody else… and that is ok.

Here are some fabulous princess cut engagement rings to help you get inspired!

The ‘Baroque’


The ‘Honour’


The ‘Principessa’


The ‘Serenity Princess’


The ‘Zephyr’


The ‘Mercury’



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