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September 11, 2010 / In The Media, Wedding Rings

An innovative jewellery concept launches in Australia.  The special bond between two people in love just became even more personal with the unique experience of making each other’s commitment rings.  Couples can now delight in the experience of handcrafting each other’s commitment rings under the guidance of an experienced jeweller.

Based in the historic Strand Arcade in Sydney and Melbourne’s GPO, Larsen Jewellery is the only company in Australia to offer this service.  Founders Lars and Susie Larsen opened Larsen Jewellery in 2007 after they noticed a need for a distinctly romantic and personal experience in the lead up to their own wedding day.

“Couples love the idea of wearing a ring made by their loved one.  It makes the rings so much more special and meaningful as they have not only created each other’s rings, but a memory that will last a lifetime” Susie said.

The couples can create any design from plain bands to more intricate designs.  If couples would like to include diamonds, a mix of metals or engraving, their dedicated jeweller will complete this stage of the process.  For an exceptionally personal touch, heirloom jewellery can even be melted down and incorporated into the couple’s rings.

The process of making two perfect rings is surprisingly easy, taking only four hours in a fun and romantic setting, and is celebrated with a glass of champagne at the end.  The finished rings are guaranteed to be of the highest standard, complete with the look and feel of professionally-made rings, yet containing the memories that they were handcrafted between two loved-ones.

Larsen Jewellery is a member of the Jeweller’s Association of Australia and the Goldsmith Guild of Australia.

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