Radiant Diamond Engagement Rings

by Lars Larsen
May 17, 2010 / Diamond Education,Engagement Rings

Radiant cut diamonds have become an increasingly popular choice for diamond engagement rings in recent years.  Please click here to view a selection of diamond ring designs.

The radiant cut was the first rectangular or square cut to have a complete brilliant facet pattern applied to both the crown and pavilion of a diamond.  Following its patented development in 1976 by Henry Grossbard, it became seen as the forerunner of the modern branded diamond.

Until about 10 years ago, the preferred width-to-length proportion was of 1.5 was in keeping with the proportions of an emerald cut, or the rectangular shape it was originally developed for.  Today radiant cut diamonds are more popular in a square shape, with the width to length ratio most commonly 1.2-1.3 or even as low as 1.05 (almost square).

The radiant’s original, patented design had 55 facets: 25 on the crown and 30 on the pavilion – plus or minus a culet.  There are no strict guidelines for table and depth percentages but, as a general rule, look for a table between 59 and 65 percent and a depth between 59 and 66 percent.

The decision to purchase a radiant cut diamond should never just be based on its proportions alone; brilliance and the overall beauty of the diamond also play their part.

Given that radiant cut diamonds are harder to find than brilliant and princess cut diamonds, it is usually easiest to find a loose stone from a place like Larsen Jewellery and to have the ring custom made.

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