Rose cut diamonds used to be popular in engagement rings

by Lars Larsen
June 19, 2012 / Engagement Rings

Rose cut diamonds are an older style of diamond found mainly in antique rings. This style of cutting is traditionally a hand cut diamond that originated in Antwerp in Belgium in the 1600s and was the most popular style up until the 1800s. This style of cutting maximised the weight of the diamond. Today, it is a much less popular style of diamond especially since the huge popularity of the round brilliant diamond. Even though the Rose cut lacks the sheer brilliance compared to the modern day cuts, it is still a beautiful diamond and its rarity and history adds to the desirability.

A Rose cut diamond has no pavilion and is made up of 12 – 24 symmetrical facets typically triangle cut facets that all come to a centre point. There are varying styles of Rose cut diamonds, one of the more popular and traditional being the Dutch Rose which consists of the 24 facets. The Dutch Rose is made up of equal parts 12 upper facets and 12 lowers facets. When looking at a Rose Cut diamond from above it appears quite similar to a rose just as it opens, hence the name ‘Rose Cut’.

With the advancement of technology over time, many antique Rose Cut diamonds were re-cut into modern styles to show off the brilliance. Unfortunately, this means there are limited numbers of genuine antique Rose cut diamonds available on the market. Even though not a common practice in the modern day diamond cutting world, there are some diamond cutters practically in India that cut a limited number of Rose cut diamonds. When looking at an antique rose cut diamond compared to a Rose cut diamond cut today you will notice the preciseness that modern day technology allows. Older style Rose cut diamonds were all hand cut which meant the lines often appeared jagged when closely looked at.

If it is an antique style engagement ring that you are after, a Rose cut diamond may be the perfect choice for you. At Larsen Jewellery we work with the leading diamond suppliers and can assist you in sourcing a beautiful diamond to suit your custom designed and made engagement ring.

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