Why Are Round Diamonds the Most Expensive Cut?

February 20, 2018 / Jewellery Buying Guide

The round brilliant diamond is renowned for being the most expensive shaped diamond. As the most sought-after diamond, it naturally demands a premium. However, this is only part of the reason why there is a significant price difference between a round brilliant diamond and most of the fancy cut diamonds.

There is much more rough diamond wasted during the cutting process when faceting a round brilliant than when cutting a fancy shaped diamond. A rough diamond is squarish in shape so a princess or radiant cut is generally the most economical.

Many also fall in love with the idea of a perfect 1-carat diamond. The high demand for this desirable size also makes this considerably more expensive than a diamond in the 0.90ct-0.99ct range. In actual fact, a diamond slightly smaller but of the same quality will have little difference to the naked eye, perhaps 0.1-0.3mm in diameter, so opting for a slightly smaller diamond will save you $$$.

For those who aren’t necessarily sold on a round brilliant diamond, it is well worth exploring your alternatives. Particularly if you are after a large statement stone, choosing a fancy shape cut will mean you get more diamond for your dollar compared to purchasing a round brilliant cut.

Fancy cut diamonds are available in an array of beautiful shapes and some that may be more suited to your hand and your style. If you love the curves of a round brilliant diamond, you may wish to consider an oval or a cushion cut and for those who love geometric shapes, an emerald, princess or asscher cut diamonds may be perfect you. If you find yourself sitting on the fence and are partial to both, consider a marquise or a pear-shaped diamond. These are also great for those that wish to create the illusion of longer fingers.

If you do have your heart set on a round brilliant cut diamond, we have a few tips on how to save. Firstly, consider the size, as mentioned above, choosing a diamond 1-carat or over, will demand a premium. Also, consider carefully how you prioritise a diamond’s qualities. The cut is the most important, if a diamond is cut poorly it will appear lifeless and dull. The colour and clarity are still important but it is possible to find a beautiful diamond that does not have the highest grading in these categories. For colour, we recommend choosing no less than ‘G’ and for clarity, you can get beautiful diamonds with a grade of VS2 or SI1.

All in all, by choosing a diamond with a higher cut grade and a mid-range colour and clarity you will save yourself some money yet while still ending up with a beautiful, quality diamond.

The most important thing is to make sure you view your diamond before you purchase. It is possible to purchase diamonds at very competitive prices online but, like many things online, you only get what you pay for.  A diamond is like no other purchase, it is only when you view it with your own eye that its true nature will reveal itself.

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