Sapphire Engagement Ring Trends

Sapphire engagement rings are a growing trend that do not seem to fade. They offer a colourful alternative and are the perfect solution for those after something a little more unique. With so many hands adorned with this beautiful gem there is endless inspiration of how to incorporate this gem into your ring.
The Royal Halo
The classic Sapphire choice is the halo Sapphire engagement ring, inspired by the most famous Sapphire engagement ring, Princess Diana’s ring now worn by Princess Kate. This style surrounds your Sapphire with a ring of diamonds that highlight and accentuate your stone. For a royal look choose a blue Sapphire, either a Ceylon or an Australian Blue Sapphire.
The Three Stone Sapphire Ring
The Sapphire three stone ring, symbolising the past, present and future, typically features a diamond as the centre stone and two complimentary Sapphires set either side. This is by no means a must, you may choose to mix it up with a Sapphire as the centre stone and diamonds either side. The combinations are endless with all the beautiful varieties of Sapphires available to choose from.
The Solitaire Sapphire
Not everyone favours the look of extra sparkle with lots of diamonds surrounding your Sapphire. Some prefer a stunning solitaire that speaks for itself. With all the colourful options and interesting shapes available, a larger Sapphire set into a solitaire design will make a beautiful and elegant piece. One of our favourites is the beautiful Yellow Sapphire set into a yellow gold band.
A Touch of Colour
Opt for a hint of colour by adding small Sapphires set into the halo or as side-stones set into the shoulders. This will accentuate your main diamond either creating a beautiful contrast by using darker colour Sapphires or a subtle contrast with soft pastel colours. One combination we just love is soft pink / peach Sapphires surrounding your diamond in a beautiful rose gold ring.
When choosing a Sapphire your options will seem endless. If you are unfamiliar with the variety it will not take long before you realise the colourful options available. Before setting out to visit your jeweller it’s a great idea to do some homework and work out what it is you love. A great source of creative options is to look towards the hands of Hollywood. Although not Sapphires, celebrities will often have coloured diamonds set into their designs. This will help you visualise how beautiful coloured Sapphires can look incorporated into a design!

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