Side-stone Engagement Rings: Just one of the many options!

December 12, 2013 / Jewellery Buying Guide


Diamond, solitaire, sapphire, vintage, contemporary, gothic, traditional, halo, trio; this is just the beginning of the constant evolving list of styles of engagement rings. Whether you are after something more traditional, something utterly modern or something in between having stones set into the band on either side of the central diamond is a wonderful option.

We could forever discuss the endless options available but this would be terribly overwhelming and potentially deathly boring, especially if you are a guy diving into this world of diamonds and gold for the first time! So lets give you a brief run down on the ever so popular side-stone engagement ring and why this might be a fabulous choice for you.
Firstly, adding side stones means that you are not restricted to one particular style of ring. In actual fact, it is quite the opposite, side stones are a great way to individualise your design, adding a touch more sparkle or colour at the same time. They can be set in patterns or encircle your centre diamond to create a beautiful halo. They can bring to life that beautiful delicate look with fine claw settings, or for a more minimal look choose channel set diamonds. The most important thing to keep in mind is that side-stone diamonds are meant to enhance your centre stone, not overshadow. A good jeweller will provide you excellent design, technical advice and guide you in the right direction. 
Lets take a look at the different styles of side stone engagement rings:
Modern Styles: If you love contemporary, clean and sleek design you might choose to have a centre stone that isn’t round, such as a Princess or Asscher cut. Smaller channel set Princess or Baguette cut diamonds set into the shoulders will create a lovely modern look. 
Vintage Styles: Is your style more feminine and pretty? You might look towards vintage pieces for inspiration.  Draw upon the many eras of designs periods to come up you’re your own unique design. Perhaps you might choose a halo of diamonds around the centre stone, with claw set diamonds set into the shoulders. Another option is to have a beautiful hand engraved pattern surrounding your shoulder set diamonds to create that vintage style look.
Add Colour: If you love colour, why not choose coloured gemstones or even coloured diamonds as your side stones? This is great solution if you are torn between diamonds and coloured gemstones. A combination that looks truly beautiful is light pink sapphires or diamonds set into a rose gold band; just have a look at Blake Lively’s engagement ring, now that surely is one on every girls wish list! Or add a bit of drama with high contrasting small black diamonds in the band. Whatever you decide on coloured gemstones provide endless creative choices, guaranteeing that your engagement ring will stand alone on its own.
Whether you want something cutting edge or traditional, you should have no problem coming up with the perfect design for you. 

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