Square Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

by Lars Larsen
November 30, 2014 / Engagement Rings,Jewellery Buying Guide

Round Brilliant Cut diamonds are the most popular choice for centre stones in an engagement rings. This is not for everybody though. Many are drawn to geometric shapes and symmetry with square cut stones being the perfect fit for them. When we think of square shaped diamonds the first thing that comes to mind is most likely the Princess Cut diamond. This, however, is not the only square shape available. When we refer to square diamonds there are several cuts that fit under this umbrella and each are beautiful and unique in their own way.
There are four main types of square cut diamonds, the most popular being the Princess Cut, followed by the Asscher Cut, Cushion Cut and the Radiant Cut – in no particular order. 
The Princess Cut
The Princess Cut, the second most popular diamond shape, is one of the more recent cuts having been developed in the 1970s. Inspired by the Round Brilliant Cut, the Princess Cut is also referred to as a Modified Square Brilliant. Cut very similar to a Round Brilliant, the Princess offers the same brilliance and fire that so many desire. If you are after that extra sparkle and love square shapes then this is the diamond for you. The Princess Cut suits contemporary styles perfectly, set either on their own or accented by smaller diamonds. Channel set Princess Cuts offers a sleek and modern way to compliment your centre diamond of any shape. 
The Asscher Cut
The Asscher Cut, developed at the turn of the 20th century by Joseph Asscher, is still one of the most striking square cuts and one of our personal favourites. Characterised by their cropped corners; the Asscher Cut is a stepped cut similar to an Emerald Cut. The Asscher Cut was hugely popular at the beginning of the 20th century during the Art Deco period. The symmetry of an Asscher cut lends itself perfectly to Art Deco designs. Nowadays Art Deco designs are recreated using Asscher Cuts. The Asscher Cut is an elegant choice and will look striking set on its own or surrounded by smaller diamonds.
The Cushion Cut
The Cushion Cut diamond is one of the older styles of cuts having been around since the 19th century. In comparison to the Asscher Cut the Cushion is characterised by smooth, rounded corners. The Cushion Cut was the choice for most before the development of the Round Brilliant. With the recent rise in popularity of vintage style engagement rings the Cushion Cut is back in fashion. The Cushion is a fantastic choice when recreating antique and vintage style pieces.
The Radiant Cut
The Radiant Cut, another of the more recent cuts, is similar to the Asscher and Emerald in that it has cropped corners. As its name suggests, the Radiant was designed with 70 facets to maximise the effects of its light reflection and refraction allowing supreme display of fire and brilliance. Radiant Cuts look fantastic in symmetrical and geometric designs.
If you love square cuts, you are not the only one. Celebrities all over the world are setting trends with stunning square shaped engagement rings. A few of our favourites are Kim Kardashian’s 15 carat whopper, Halle Berry’s stunning Emerald engagement ring and Mariah Carey’s 10 carat Pink diamond engagement ring.

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