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June 11, 2010

When every other element of your wedding can be personalised to a tee, why not create a wedding band with a little bit of yourself blended in.

There is something about the exchanging of rings in a wedding ceremony that always has me scrambling for the tissues.  As the bride and groom each slip a band on the other’s finger and promise to never leave each other’s side, you can always hear me bawling in the back of the church.

Those two little rings, round bands of gold or silver, become an outward symbol of the bride and groom’s personal commitment as husband and wife.  It’s amazing how a simple piece of jewellery can come to mean and represent so much and even more so when the band itself is crafted from your very own hands.

Adding a whole new dimension to wedding ring etiquette, specialty jewellers are now offering couples the opportunity to make their own wedding bands.  Sydney’s Larsen Jewellery are just one such company and when invited to experience the process for myself, I can’t help but feel a little concerned that the mere sight of wedding rings being made will turn me into a blubbering mess.

The studio itself is light and airy and with the romantic voice of Frank Sinatra crooning over the radio, I can’t help but feel a little inspired.  The staff are experienced with beginners like myself and they patiently talk me through the four hour process, just as they would a soon-to-be-married couple.

Despite my belief that making a wedding ring would be like assembling a jet engine, the process itself is surprisingly simple.  Just like a bride and groom would be, I am given complete creative licence in designing my set of rings.  As I look at the many design options available – yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, sterling silver – and the other opportunities for diamonds, gemstones, two-tones, brushed or matte finishes, I start to appreciate how this experience would feel for a married couple.  Every aspect of the wedding ring can reflect the couple’s journey to the point of marriage and even beyond.

Once colour and design are confirmed, it’s a matter of melting, sizing and bending the metal to make the ring exactly made to measure, which totally eliminates the old superstition that if the ring doesn’t fit then it’s a bad sign for the couple’s future.  This is followed by the symbolic moment of fusing the band together into an unbroken circle which in the context of marriage, reflects the ongoing commitment between husband and wife.  It’s at this point that I feel the tears begin to prick behind my eyes.

With a final buff and polish, my rings are complete and as I hold them in my hand, I feel my chest puff out a little with pride.  If this is how I feel about my own pair of trinkets, I can only imagine how a couple would react to personally crafting the outward symbol that defines them as a couple.  To celebrate this moment, Larsen’s pop open a complimentary bottle of champagne and as I’m packing up to leave, another couple has just begun to celebrate.  I can tell from the way they are looking at each other, that it’s taking all their inner strength not to slip their hand-made rings on now.

For more information about the Wedding Ring Experience visit Larsen Wedding Experience.  Larsen Jewellery is based in Melbourne’s GPO and in Sydney’s Strand Arcade.  To make an obligation-free design appointment, please call 02 9223 2006 or 03 9662 3005.

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