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June 25, 2010

By working with a designer to custom-make your wedding band you can perfectly match the shape and design of your engagement ring.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect ring but can’t quite find what you’re looking for, designing your own wedding band is another option.

Larsen Jewellery in Melbourne and Sydney is the only company in Australia to offer couples the unique experience of making each other’s wedding bands. Owner Lars Larsen says making your own wedding ring is the best way to get what you want and have some fun while you’re at it.

“We give couples the opportunity to design and handcraft each other’s wedding rings using whatever metals and gemstones they choose,” says Lars.

“The couples come in for a design appointment and can use the rings we have on display as a guide, or with the help of one of our talented jewellers, let their imagination run wild and start from scratch to design something that is unique and personal.”

Once you have created the perfect design, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

The whole process takes about four hours and you will learn centuries-old handcrafting techniques, which involve melting, milling and filing your chosen metal into a ring.

If you’re after plain wedding bands you can make the entire ring yourself and take it with you when you’re done.

If you’re after a more intricate design or choose to include diamonds or gemstones in your band, you can make the band yourself, and one of Larsen’s experienced jewellers will handle the stones and finish the ring for you to make sure the design is flawless.

And don’t worry about being left with an odd looking ring, Lars guarantees each ring will be perfect, just as if it was made by a professional jeweller.

For Melbourne couple Joanne and Phillip Watts, making their own rings under the watchful eye of Larsen’s experienced jewellers was a “once in a lifetime experience”.

“We were looking for rings that were unique and we came across Larsens,” says Joanne. “I had no idea we could make our own rings and it was a great way to create something that was individual and personal to us as a couple.”

“It was especially great for Phil, who really enjoyed being able to make something so beautiful and feel more involved with the whole wedding process.”

Lars says couples don’t just make their own rings for sentimental purposes, some also do it for practical ones. “A lot of women want to match their wedding ring to their engagement ring. By working with a designer to custom-make your band, you can perfectly match the shape and design of your engagement ring to create a dazzling set you will be dying to show off,” he says.

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