The Allure of the 1-Carat Diamond

What is it about the 1-carat diamond engagement ring that makes it the ultimate and most desired ring for so many? Where did this status come from? And is it really the ultimate engagement ring? 
It is hard to deny that the carat size of your diamond is not perceived an important factor. Why is this? Naturally, like many aspects in modern society, questions hinting at the worth of something come to the forefront of people’s minds. When it comes to jewellery, especially engagement rings, ‘What is the carat size?’ is often the first question many will ask. This corresponds directly with the value of the piece. Historically across many societies and still today, the answer to this indicates a persons status and wealth.
On top of all of this we have the influence of the media, what we see in Hollywood which all in-turn contributes to trends. We have seen big companies design and market the perfect 1-carat diamond engagement ring, this idea then finds itself in taglines in Hollywood movies or T.V shows and then naturally, over the years, the result is the perception that the 1-carat diamond engagement ring  “will make your lady fall in love”. 
But is it really the ‘be-all-and-end-all’? We are certainly not suggesting that there isn’t something special about a 1 carat diamond, there certainly is; that perfect number, that perfect brilliance that a flawless 1-carat diamond offers is undeniably beautiful and to some, simply second to none. But, these perfect diamonds are very rare and there are many, many other beautiful options. 
If you have your heart set on a 1-carat diamond, you may wish to ask yourself why? Your answer will either confirm what you already know or you may open yourself up to a world of other wonderful options. And one other thing that the media forgets to tell you is that a 1-carat diamond does demand a premium, slip just below the 1-carat mark and you will instantly notice a considerate difference in price. And hey, if you love sparkle then that may allow you to squeeze extra diamonds into the band as side-stones or the halo of your ring! 
At the end of the day, it is a personal choice and as long as you love your diamond that is all that should matter, whether it’s exactly a 1-carat or larger or smaller a diamond is beautiful no matter its size. 

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