The Beauty of Yellow Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Rings

Trends come and go but one that seems to stand the test of time is coloured gemstone engagement rings. With the many options available it can be difficult to make your choice. But one trend in particular that continues to top many wish lists is that of yellow diamonds or sapphires as the most desirable coloured gems.
Yellow stones are a stunning and vibrant choice. The colour yellow represents happiness and joy, making it an appropriate choice for a central stone for in an engagement ring or any piece of jewellery presented with love. 
One of the most wonderful things about designing an engagement ring with a yellow gemstone is their versatility. Yellow diamonds and sapphires suit most coloured metals. If you are after a modern look set your yellow gemstone into a white gold setting. For a vintage or more classical style choose yellow gold. Adding small white diamonds to your design will contrast beautifully and add that extra sparkle you may desire. 
So you may be wondering about the price tag? With so many famous hands in Hollywood adorned with fancy coloured engagement rings, you will be forgiven for thinking that this trend is exclusively for the rich and/or famous. You can breathe a sigh of relief, because they are actually quite affordable. Like all diamonds and gemstones the price will depend on the quality, size and colour. Fancy coloured diamonds can demand a hefty price tag; however yellow diamonds, even though they are becoming increasingly popular, are still one of the more affordable options. Especially when compared to the rare pink and blue diamonds. The most affordable option is yellow sapphire. With sapphires already such a popular choice, it is obvious that they are a suitable option for an engagement ring. They may not have same brilliance as an excellent yellow diamond but a fine quality sapphire is arguably a comparable choice. 
You may be wondering about the other many yellow gemstones available. But for an engagement ring that is meant to last everyday wear for a lifetime or more, sapphires and diamonds make the most suitable choice because of the hardness and durability.
Both diamonds and sapphires come in a range of shades. From soft canary yellows to vibrant sunflower yellows. When choosing a coloured diamond or gemstone the colour is the most important element. There is no right or wrong choice, especially when choosing a coloured gemstone over a white diamond. Everybody has different tastes and styles. One shade of yellow might suit some and not others. It is easy to find yourself feeling overwhelmed when looking at coloured gemstones, the most important thing is to focus on what you want and look for the right stone for you. A good jeweller will show you a range of different options so that you can get a feeling for which shade and style you prefer. Remember, it is rare that on your first visit to a jeweller you will find the perfect diamond or gemstone! Prepare yourself for one, two or maybe more visits until you find that perfect stone and enjoy the journey!

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