The Birthstone of March: Aquamarine

by Lars Larsen
March 6, 2014 / Coloured Gemstones,Jewellery Buying Guide

The birthstone of March is Aquamarine. If you are familiar with this gemstone then you will know how fortunate those born in March are. With an unmistakable, beautiful ocean blue colour, Aquamarines are a wonderful choice to brighten up any jewellery design.

Aquamarine was given its name because of its colour. In Latin its meaning is ‘water of the sea’. The Aquamarine belongs to the Beryl family of gemstones, linking it closely to the Emerald. Aquamarine comes in a beautiful array of colours from lighter shades of blue, to dark blues and also shades of blue-green. The most sought after today are the exquisite shades of sky blue and dark blue.

Like many gemstones Aquamarine has an interesting history. From the reawakening of love, to assisting in fortune telling, to providing security for those travelling, Aquamarine has played a different part throughout different cultures during the ages. The Greeks and the Romans would wear aquamarine to protect themselves when crossing the sea. Whilst in the Middle Ages it was considered to be the superior gemstone for fortune telling and would therefore be cut into fortune telling balls. Today the belief in the healing and metaphysical properties of the stone is still very much alive. One of the most popular beliefs is that Aquamarine provides mental clarity.

Who suits Aquamarine?

If you are a lover of the colour blue, then there is no doubt that you will find a beautiful Aquamarine to suit your taste. The beautiful lighter shades of blue look wonderful with fair skin and fair hair. The darker blue shades look beautiful on darker skin and darker hair. And for those with blue – green eyes why not consider a beautiful aqua coloured Aquamarine?

Can I set an Aquamarine into an engagement ring?

Aquamarines are not as durable as a Diamond or Sapphire. Therefore they would not be recommended as the first choice of stone for an engagement ring or ring for everyday wear. It is important to note that they can be quite brittle depending on the stone and it’s inclusion. However, they have a rating of 7.5 – 8 on the Moh’s hardness scale, still making them a very durable stone. Depending on the Aquamarine you choose, it may be ideal for an engagement ring. Your jeweller will be able to determine if a stone is right for your engagement ring.

The most attractive thing about the Aquamarine is its affordability compared to a Diamond or even a Sapphire. Aquamarines are simply stunning and will surely not disappoint. Larsen Jewellery can source a range of beautiful Aquamarines for you to choose from and help you come up with a unique custom-made piece for you or your loved one.





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