The Female’s Wedding Ring

When the time comes to purchase your wedding ring we suggest approaching it with a little more thought and consideration than say your last shoe or bag purchase. Why? Without listing a thousand reasons, your wedding ring is meant to be your one and only wedding ring for life, to be worn every day to symbolise the love and eternal commitment you and your partner share. Here are two main things you will need to consider:

The Metal

Your metal choice may be dictated by your engagement ring. Most women choose to match the metal of their engagement ring, but this is not for everyone. Choosing a contrasting colour metal is becoming more and more popular, particularly the combination of rose gold with white gold. In some instances, we will advise that you match your engagement ring metal. For example, if your ring is made from platinum, your wedding ring should also be platinum. This is due to the different natures of each metal and the fact that they wear differently.

The Setting

Once again you may have diamonds set into your engagement ring and you may choose to match the exact style. If not, you have a world of options. Let’s take a look at the most popular:



Pave is great for those that love sparkle and delicate details. Typically, a Pave set ring includes a number of small diamonds that ‘pave’ the surface of a ring with minimal metal visible.

Bead Setting


A great choice for those who love a vintage/antique look featuring small diamonds. Small beads of metal act like little claws to hold the diamond in place. This is a beautiful delicate choice and can be executed in many different ways such as some beads giving the illusion of leaf shapes or make round diamonds appear square.

Channel Setting


A channel setting is exactly as the name suggests, diamonds are set within a channel that is cut out of a ring. The channel setting gives the look of a continuous flow of diamonds. This style looks particularly sleek with princess or baguette set diamonds.

Hammer Setting


Hammer setting, also known as gypsy or rub setting, is when the diamond is recessed and set into the metal sitting flush with the surface. This creates the ultimate protection of your stone. This is a great option if you want to have a variety of diamonds sizes scattered over the surface of your wedding ring.

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