The Guide to Gents Wedding Rings

by Lars Larsen
January 10, 2014 / Jewellery Buying Guide

Gents Wedding RingsCongratulations guys, your proposal was a huge success! 
Now, it’s time to start considering what style of wedding ring you will wear. Your bride to be is now on the hunt for another dazzling piece to complement her engagement ring and you too are deserving of something special for your wedding ring finger! 
Now that you are familiar with the world of jewellery, expert after all the love and energy you poured into finding the perfect engagement ring, you understand that when it comes to custom made jewellery there is an abundance of choice!
A classic wedding ring is a timeless and elegant if, like many men, you are not accustomed to wearing jewellery, But if you are after something that is more individual and unique, then there are no limits to where your imagination can take you. 
The first thing you need to decide is what metal you like. This in itself can be a difficult choice! Platinum, gold or titanium? If gold is your choice, then do you prefer 9 or 18 carat? White, rose or the traditional yellow gold? 
Choosing a width that is comfortable for everyday wear is the next decision to consider. The average width of a gent’s wedding ring is approximately 6mm, much wider than the typical ladies wedding ring. You will be wearing your wedding ring everyday for the rest of your life, so spend some time trying different rings on to see what feels most comfortable for you. Keep in mind also, that with most men’s wedding rings, it is a good idea to request a ‘comfort’ fit. This is where the inside of the wedding ring is shaped with a slight curve for extra comfort – this should come at no extra cost.
Classic or Unique:
If you are not looking for something too outlandish but a bit more personalised than a classic wedding ring then there are many ways to add your own creative twist. Create a modern style ring by adding engraved lines or patterns or mix metals for a two-tone band.
Adding Texture:
A simple way to individualise your wedding ring is by choosing different finishes. Contrasting finishes can look fantastic, especially on a two-tone wedding ring. Choose a high polished finish with contrasting brushed matte side bands. Or if you enjoy the outdoors or work with your hands, then why not choose a wedding ring with a ‘hammer tone’, a slightly beaten up look where any little knocks and dints will continue to add character to your ring over the years.
Ultimate Unique Wedding Ring:
Perhaps the most unique style of wedding ring is a Mokume Gane  band. Mokume Gane is an ancient Japanese technique that layers different coloured metals to create a wood-grain effect. Mokume Gane wedding rings look fantastic with contrasting metal side bands or even with small diamonds. Choose from different coloured metal combinations, one of our favourite is white gold mixed with rose gold.
Adding engraving is a wonderful way to personalise your wedding ring. Choose a lovely message for the inside of your wedding ring or create your own unique pattern to be hand engraved on the outside. Perhaps the ultimate way of personalising your wedding ring with engraving is to have your partners fingerprint hand carved into the band.  
Why not add some bling!
Ladies are not the only ones deserving of a bit of bling. Why not add a diamond or coloured gemstone to your wedding ring? It does not need to be ostentatious and over the top, just a subtle addition to complement your wedding ring design. Some men like the idea of adding a small diamond to the inside of their wedding ring, a perfect way to create a secret match with your partner’s band! 
As you can see, a traditional yellow gold wedding ring is no longer your only option. There are countless ways to create a perfectly unique wedding ring for you. Take the time to try on many different styles and do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you can, that is what your jeweller is there for, to help and guide you so that you make the perfect choice for your needs! Good luck guys!

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