The Larsen Jewellery Wedding Ring Experience

September 6, 2014 / Jewellery Buying Guide, Wedding Rings

Many would agree that wedding rings, along with engagement rings, are arguably one of the most meaningful purchases you will make in your lifetime. What they symbolise, the union between two soul mates, is a beautiful sentiment. It is no wonder then, that when we search for the perfect wedding ring we naturally look for something special, to be treasured forever and passed on to generations to come.
There are many ways to personalise your wedding rings; you may include diamonds or gemstones, take inspiration from vintage pieces by including beautiful millgrain or filigree patterns or have a secret message engraved into the inside of your ring. But if you are looking for a wedding ring that has that extra touch of ‘you’, then Larsen Jewellery may just have your perfect solution.
Larsen Jewellery offers the unique experience of making your own wedding rings. To some this is hard to believe and often people interpret this as designing your own wedding ring, but you are in actual fact physically making each other’s rings. Larsen Jewellery has worked with 1000’s of happy couples from all over Australia who have come in and made their wedding rings together. Understandably, the idea of making your own wedding ring may overwhelm some and you may easily conclude that it sounds too hard or you are just not creative enough. But you can rest assured it is much easier than you think! Larsen Jewellery has designed the Wedding Ring Experience so that anyone can do it. You will be teamed up with your own experienced jeweller, who will guide you and your partner through the entire process. 
Is any design possible?
As all of our designs are custom made to order, almost anything is possible! On the day you and your partner will make each other’s plain wedding band. Any additional design features, such as diamonds or engraving, will be completed within 2–3 weeks following the day of your experience.
What does ‘making’ your wedding ring actually involve?
Once you have finalised your designs with your jeweller the fun part of making your wedding rings begins! You and your partner will make each other’s rings; from the initial stages of rolling the metal, forming the ring, soldering the ring together, shaping the ring, and then finally polishing your rings to the same standard as if we had made them for you. 
How long does it take?
The whole process takes only 4 – 5 hours, with lunch included and champagne to celebrate on completion!
Can you fit your wedding ring to your engagement ring?
Larsen Jewellery specialises in fitting your wedding ring perfectly to your engagement ring. Your jeweller will guide you through the process to make sure it matches exactly. If your wedding ring needs to be fitted to the shape of your engagement ring, your jeweller will complete this following the day of your experience. 
‘’Larsen Jewellery has totally redefined customer service for me and all I could have hoped for our marriage jewellery. We got my engagement ring here, as well as both our wedding rings that we made with the ‘Wedding Ring Experience’. Anyone I have told that my husband and I made each other’s wedding rings has been completely amazed and delighted that such a service 
is available.’’ Erika
‘’We just completed the ‘Wedding Ring Experience’ where my fiancé and I were able to make our own wedding rings! It was amazing being able to take a lump of gold and turn it into our wedding rings under our jeweller’s guidance. Definitely a great memory we’ll cherish for the rest of our married life! Cannot recommend Larsen Jewellery highly enough. You won’t be disappointed.’’ Stuart
To learn more about why couples all over Australia believe that the Wedding Ring Experience is the ultimate way to create your wedding rings, Larsen Jewellery welcomes you to come in for an obligation free appointment to discuss designs with one of their friendly jewellers and walk you through the process of making your wedding rings. To view prices please visit our Wedding Pricelist Page.

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