The Latest Hollywood Trend: Coloured Diamond Engagement Rings

by Lars Larsen
February 28, 2014 / Engagement Rings,Jewellery Buying Guide

If you are on the hunt for an engagement ring and feeling somewhat stuck for inspiration, a never ending source are the hands of Hollywood. Always appearing to be competing for the biggest, most extravagant or completely obscure designs, celebrity engagement rings never fail to shine.
One trend that is proving to be a hit amongst the stars is exquisite ‘Fancy’ coloured diamond engagement rings. Understandably, you may read this and wonder how on earth this could possibly be a realistic source of inspiration. Yes, some coloured diamonds are on the more expensive end of the price range, however, these beautiful designs demonstrate how lovely a coloured centre stone can look as an alternative to a white diamond. A fancy coloured diamond might not quite fit in your price budget, but there are many beautiful coloured gemstones that are much more affordable in comparison.
So what exactly are fancy coloured diamonds?
Coloured diamonds differ to the popular white diamonds, in that they are graded and valued on the intensity of their colour. This is the opposite to white diamonds, which are graded specifically on their lack of colour. 
What colours are fancy coloured diamonds available in?
Fancy coloured diamonds come in a broad spectrum of colours; from all shades of yellows to beautiful blues and greens, stunning champagne and cognac. The most sought after are pink diamonds, in particular Argyle pink diamonds. One of the world’s most expensive diamonds is the Steinmetz Diamond, an incredible 59.60ct fancy vivid pink diamond, said to be worth $25 million.
Here are a few of Larsen Jewellery’s favourite fancy coloured celebrity engagement rings:
1. Heidi Klum received an amazing 10ct fancy yellow diamond off from Seal. The beautiful stone is set in a yellow gold ring.
2. Blake Lively’s has been noted several times before in our blogs as one of our favourite celebrity engagement rings. So it is no surprise that Blake’s Fancy Light Pink Oval Diamond ring has made the list of our favourites.
3. Kristen Bell received an amazing Art Deco inspired ring featuring a beautiful three carat, emerald cut, peachy-brown diamond.
4. Carrie Bradshaw, unsurprisingly, started a huge trend when, in the final series of Sex and the City, Big proposed with a dramatic five carat, round black diamond.
5. Kelly Clarkson’s hand is adorned with an amazing vintage style engagement ring featuring a spectacular canary yellow diamond. 

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