The Love Affair with Rose Gold…

September 29, 2015 / Engagement Rings, Learn About Metals

Recently a love affair has struck like no other… That is the love affair with rose gold. Women across the globe are falling in love all over again with this beautiful coloured metal. Once upon a time it was the most popular choice of metal for jewellery, and therefore, for a long time, rose gold has only been associated with vintage rings. But in the past couple of years a resurgence in its popularity has exploded and many are now choosing rose gold over the alternatives, white and yellow gold. 
It’s hardly surprising, with its soft pretty feminine pink colour that compliments diamonds so well and the fact that it suits almost all skin tones, rose gold is a refreshing change amongst all the white gold engagement rings. It also contrasts beautifully with white gold making it a beautiful choice for two toned engagement and wedding rings or the perfect choice of metal for your wedding ring to contrast with your white gold engagement ring. 
At Larsen Jewellery we too have fallen in love with rose gold and naturally get equally excited when one of our customers comes in requesting for a custom made rose gold ring. If you too have fallen victim to this undeniably beautiful trend then we have the perfect inspiration for you. We have put together a collection of our favourite rose gold engagement rings along with celebrities who we think have got it right with their rose gold rings.

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