Tourmaline Gemstones

May 10, 2011 / Coloured Gemstones, Engagement Rings

Tourmaline gemstones can be used in an engagement ring to compliment the centre stone. The Larsen Jewellery team can show you a variety of engagement and diamond ring designs that would work well with these beautiful and precious gems.

Tourmaline has the largest colour range of any gemstone, with shades of pink and green being the most common. Some electric-blue shades of tourmaline, which are coloured by copper, are called Paraiba tourmaline; these are very rare and are the most highly valued of all. Another variation is Chrome tourmaline, which is intense green in colour due to the presence of chromium in the crystal. Many tourmaline gemstones can have two or more shades in the one stone. The most notable variety is watermelon tourmaline, which displays both pink and green shades and is reminiscent of the colours of watermelon, hence the name. Other alternative colour options are yellow or ‘golden’, orange, brown, purple, black or ‘schorl’ and colourless.

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