Trading Up Your Engagement Ring: When and How To Do It

January 25, 2018 / Engagement Rings

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are engaged at the tender ages of just 21 and 24 – but unlike most millennials, they’ve got the disposable income to spend on the ring of their dreams (which apparently cost around half a million dollars).

That’s not the case for most – even those who don’t get engaged quite so early. Most engagement rings are the result of many months of saving. And whilst that means they’ll always hold a special place in your heart, they don’t always chime with our personal style, particularly as we grow older.

There’s no shame in wanting to upgrade or even change your engagement ring – as a piece of jewellery you wear every day, it should be something that really speaks to you.

But if you’re thinking of upgrading, there are several things to consider. 

1. Think about why you’re upgrading

Perhaps it’s because your style has changed. In that case, think about changing your band and setting, but using the original jewels.

If it’s because you and your partner are financially better off, and you want bigger diamonds, then feel free to go all-out – perhaps you want to change that solid band for a more glamourous (and expensive!) diamond set style.

You might even want to go for a total re-design. If that’s the case, make sure you get someone you trust on board. At Larsen Jewellery, we create bespoke pieces every day, so we’re very experienced in creating jewellery that is personal and fits an exacting brief.

2. Have your current ring appraised

You should always go to a reputable, registered jewellery valuer to have your original ring valued. It’s a great way to decide which components are worth reusing and to get a clear picture of the current value of the piece you are working with.

3. Set yourself a budget

Even if you’re upgrading because you’ve got more dollars in the bank account, it’s still wise to set yourself a budget. It can often be hard to see reason in the face of sparkling diamonds! Having an idea of what you want to spend before you embark on the process ensures you won’t get too carried away

4. Remember to be sensitive to your partner

It’s always best to make this a joint decision and make any re-design a joint enterprise, as the ring may hold more sentimental value to your partner than it does to you. Your original ring was no doubt purchased with great thought and love, so you need to make sure that your partner knows that you appreciate this.

You should always be totally honest with them about your reasons for upgrading – and hopefully, they’ll understand. Reinventing your ring can be a beautiful process to through together, reaffirming the way you feel for each other by redesigning this physical symbol of your love.

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