Two-Tone Gent’s Wedding Rings

by Lars Larsen
March 27, 2014 / Jewellery Buying Guide,Wedding Rings

Looking for a gent’s wedding ring with a point of difference? Does your partner’s interest begin to wane when trying to discuss what style of wedding ring he would like? Perhaps the answer is something like what I heard the other day… “Something different, masculine, not feminine and nothing that makes me feel like I’m wearing my Dad’s ring”. If this is sounding slightly familiar, then now might be the time to introduce you to the idea of two- tone wedding rings.  
What are two-tone wedding rings exactly?
As the name suggests, ‘two- tone’ or ‘mixed metal’ rings are the combination of two different metals, married together to create a fantastic, contrasting look. There are several different ways to combine different coloured metals. You may choose to divide your ring into thirds, two-thirds one colour and one-third a contrasting colour. Another great combination is having a contrasting metal inlay in your ring, perhaps with a line carved around it to highlight the difference in colour. 
What is the best thing about choosing a two-tone wedding ring?
The best thing about two-tone wedding rings is that your options are simply endless. Forget any rules you may have heard, and embrace the versatility of mixed metal rings. Choosing the right balance and harmony of two different metals can create a truly striking and individual design. The perfect choice if you or your partner are looking for a wedding ring that will be unique to him. 
Can you mix different metals?
Yes, you can. For example, platinum can be mixed with rose gold, or titanium might have a coloured gold inlay. Usually white metals, platinum or white gold, are the dominant colour and yellow or rose gold will create the contrast. 
If two-tone rings sound like the right choice for you, enlist the help of a good jeweller to create the perfect design for you, combining a well balanced fusion of metal and a design that represents you personally.  For some inspiration to get you started, here are a few of Larsen Jewellery’s favourite mixed metal wedding ring designs: 
The ‘Union II’ two-tone wedding ring with an 18ct yellow gold centre and 18ct white gold sides.
The ‘Flatmen’s Two Tone II’ wedding ring in 18ct white gold with contrasting 18ct rose gold sleeve and lines.
The ‘Union’ two tone 18ct white gold and 18ct yellow gold wedding ring.

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